Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks Is For Giving

Dinner is eaten.  Dishes are mostly washed.  My dad is making turkey stock out of what's left on the bird.  We still have two pies in the fridge and plenty of other leftovers.  I am giving David nad my brother the evil eye because they are playing stupid violent zombie killing video game but as soon as I post this blog, we've all hit our screen time quota for the day and we're going to settle down for a nice round of Cranium.

I was thinking today about how thankful I am for this teensy little corner of the internet and all of the people who peek in on us and who have mourned our losses and celebrated our joys with us.  I'd like to invite you all over for Thanksgiving, but with five adults, two dogs (one of whom currently has a stomach issue--I'll spare you the details), and zee bebe, we are bursting at the seams.

So I'll just post a bunch of pictures so you can feel like you were here.  And know that when I count up all the things I'm thankful for, if you're reading this, you're among them.

My attempt at a Thanksgiving tableau on the side table.  The printable is from here (hilariously, David asked me if I had finger painted it with Zuzu's fingerpaints and told me I'd done a great job). The painted pumpkins are still going strong!  That D is a wooden letter wrapped in chunky yarn.  The photo on the table is David's grandparents.  The photo on the wall is David around the age of 5 (adorable!).  The turkeys were purchased at a Kirkland's on clearance a few years ago.

Screen time with Grams and Gramps.  Grammy has a children's book on her ipad.

Food prep.

Zuzu and Cooper

Mommy's big girl

Carving the bird
Hey folks, when do we eat?

Happy Baby.

 Pensive baby.

Over the photo session.

David in front of the spread

dinner time


  1. This looks lovely!! Your home is so cozy and warm (as in inviting, I don't know about the temperature, but I would assume it is also comfortable). Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Brooke! I am so happy we are a part of eachothers lives. That is something to be grateful for :)

  3. Grateful for you as well, my friend. Beautiful photos!

  4. Beautiful home, beautiful family. And that little Caroline is too much!

    Thanks is for giving. And I'm darn thankful for you too.

    Be well, and happy thanksgiving once again.
    (I hope you're not out shopping today!)