Saturday, November 10, 2012

Park Day Saturday

The weather was unseasonably warm for November and--thrusting aside my vague anxieties about global warming and the increasing imbalances in our ecosystem--we took advantage of it by going to the park.

Zuzu was a delight on our family date night last night.  She slept peacefully through dinner at a cute little Italian tapas place (thank you, Groupon) and chilled in the Ergo while we strolled through Boraccio's Renaissance art exhibit.  It totally felt like a parenting win, even though we just got lucky this time.

Today she was not the happiest camper in the park.  I think the shots she had to have at the doctor's office this morning left her a bit out of sorts.  We managed to have a little fun before sad face came out to stay.  And David snapped some sweet pics.

observing the park

sweet profile



fun times

fun time is over

life is hard for a baby

baby love
Global warming and baby shots aside, I'd really like it if every Saturday was just like this one.


  1. Adorable. Sweet. Precious. Wonderful. These warm my heart. Sending love from CO.

  2. Such beautiful pictures!!

    Warm fall/winter days make me anxious too.

  3. That last photo made me all warm inside.

  4. Did David also have a small fan blowing on your perfect hair?!

    Gorgeous pics :)

  5. Gorgeous! I love the last picture.

  6. Wasn't it awesome? We played outside all day (and then watched The Day After Tomorrow because, srsly)

  7. Oh! Also! You look awesome! I fear my leggings without a dress over them days are over for good...

  8. Love the photos, cute cute cute!