Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Little Diva

Zuzu already has a nickname at her daycare.  (Besides Zuzu, I mean.)

Her teachers call her a little diva.

She's certainly not the first little diva to come through their doors, as they told me this week.  She's a baby who likes to accessorize (she got compliments on the bling of her sequined hair bow earlier in the week) and she also has pretty strong opinions, which she is not shy about expressing.  These qualities land her in the "diva" category at her school.

She's already taken to the teachers who are primarily in her room.  When one of them had to step out of the room today and another teacher came in to fill in for her, Zuzu wanted none of it.  She let the substitute teacher hold her, but every time she looked at her, Zuzu started fussing.  Which is not very polite, but also makes me glad that she obviously feels safe and happy with the ladies she sees everyday.  I can't tell you how much easier it is to go to work since I get to leave her with a daycare provider I feel so good about.

She IS taking a bottle--sort of.  She does not latch and and suck (too much work for a diva?), but (after putting up a bit of a fight) she will tolerate a fast-flow bottle nipple dribbling into her mouth.  So it isn't a quick or easy process, but she is eating at daycare!  And her teachers (thankfully) are patient with her.  Still, she drools and dribbles a lot of it down herself, so she has to wear a bib everyday now.  We got several bibs as hand-me-downs from David's cousin, so I was delighted to find the perfect accessory to send with her to daycare yesterday.  And her teachers got a pretty big kick out of it, too:

Who you callin' diva?

My thumb is waaaay better than a stupid bottle.  Except for the milk bit...

OK, you're right.  I'm a charming little diva!

(Nevermind the scratch on her nose.  She did that to herself in a fit of dramatics.  Go figure.)


  1. Independent, well accessorized divas are the best kind of divas.

  2. Such a cute little diva, indeed! I'm glad she's sort of taking a bottle. Whatever works!

    Who knew that babies were so complex?

    Oh, and we're quite familiar with the scar-face tactics of ornery babies in our home. It turns out boys can be dramatic as well.

  3. Oh she's just too much!
    Love that she's smiling on camera...and love that she's a little diva.

  4. YOUR daughter is a diva?! Hmmm.... Who would have figured? :)

    Do people tell you all the time how much she is the perfect combination of you guys? I love seeing her pics because I can never decide who she looks more like!

  5. I LOVE that she is a little diva and makes her preferences known! smart baby!!