Saturday, November 17, 2012

October Photo Session

Here at the homestead, we are still recovering from the Great Stomach Bug of 2012.  David took good care of me on Thursday only to start barfing exactly 24 hours after I did.  Amazeballs.  I was no where near back to normal, although I am definitely feeling better today.  David still says that he can't change poopy diapers today because it makes his stomach too queasy.  If he weren't such a champ about diaper changes most of the time, I'd think he was faking it.  But seriously, that curried-yogurt smell gets to me sometimes, too.

Anyway, the baby has stayed healthy and has actually been pretty great through all of this, except for yesterday when she napped for only 20 minutes between the hours of 8am and 1:30pm.  I was like SERIOUSLY?  Are you just finished with naps now that you're four and a half months old?  We're still hunkering down for the weekend, keeping the germs to ourselves.  Everyone has improved, but we're all still kind of queasy and shaky.

One bright spot?  Since we've been basically homebound and couch-bound since Wednesday, we've already managed to watch Season I of Homeland.  And yes, it's just as good as everybody says it is.

We're getting started on Season 2 now, and since the most interesting thing to happen to me in three days is that I'm currently keeping down the soup I ate for lunch, I'll give you a special treat! A link to the blog of the sweet photographer who took our family pictures back in October:

Family Photos by Sarah Sue Photography

For local peeps, Sarah was super great and her prices are very reasonable.  She gets my recommendation.  Tell her I sent you and maybe she'll give me a discount for next time.  For everyone else, feel free to admire the cute baby.  The only thing I'd do differently is have her take a few more pictures of Zuzu by herself, but that was my own fault for not requesting it.  And I probably didn't request it because Zuzu was actually not the happiest of campers that morning, having woken up earlier than normal and needing a nap at about the time we started taking photos.  She was pretty cooperative, for the most part, but not super smiley.  And then she cried, but the picture of me holding her on the bench and trying to comfort her is actually pretty sweet.

One funny note:  David and I started bickering when we were posing on the bridge.  I didn't like how he was holding the baby and wanted him to position her differently for photos and he was snappy with me and said that I should just hold her if I didn't like how he was doing it.  So our smiles are totally fake!  But those pictures are some of my favorites!  Go figure.

Hope you're all staying healthy.  The only creature in this house really enjoying our three day barf fest is Cooper, who is delighted that there's always someone flopped on the couch to snuggle with.


  1. SO cute! I love the c and e pumpkins. My favorite is the one where Caroline is looking at you-- how sweet is that?!

  2. Great pics - the coloring is awesome. As is the baby.

    Hope you guys feel better soon. Miles held out and I didn't think was going to get sick, but did about 72 hours after I did. A million Lysol wipes and loads of laundry later, I think we are back to normal.

  3. How you've managed not to nom on those cheeks since you've been sick I'll never know! She's adorable and you guys have a gorgeous family.

  4. Barf! Sucks!
    Great pictures. I really like the bridge photos. I also like the close up of you two looking at Zuzu and her eyes are really bright.

  5. The pictures are gorgeous! I love the pumpkins. We just had some family photos taken and I'll be damned if I didn't think the whole week leading up that I would take C's monkey to incorporate him into the photos. Then ofcourse the day came and I forgot. I'm still upset about it, but our photos turned out great. Maybe I can figure out a way to photoshop the monkey in? ~Missy

  6. Great photos! Caroline's expressions crack me up. : )