Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let Me Tell You About Me. More Than Usual.

In Southern Living magazine, they interview some celebrity and ask the following questions.  Let's pretend I'm a celebrity and you're reading Southern Living.

I will now tell you things about myself you never [knew you] wanted to know.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT... my iPhone, my water cup, and Burt's Bees chapstick.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I sometimes leave home without one, two, or all of these things.  But then I stress sweat.  And those of us who watch television know that stress sweat smells worse than regular sweat.  (Is that a fact?  Can a biologist confirm that for me in the comments, please?)

THE MOST STYLE YOU CAN GET FOR UNDER $25... a scarf.  Ever since David and I went to Paris (three and a half years ago but who's counting?) and I saw all the stylish French women wearing their scarves, I've loved accessorizing with them.  They make me feel cuter no matter what I'm wearing.  I wear a black sort of pashmina-ish scarf the most, which is boring and yet I swear it makes my outfit more interesting.  I'm into circle scarves right now and I think Nordstrom's juniors department has the best prices on really cute ones (as in under $25).  Target's are pretty cute, too.  I often have to tell myself to FOCUS so that I make it out of the accessories section and on to whatever it is that I'm actually there to buy.

MY VANITY IS ALWAYS STOCKED WITH... Tarte make up and Whole Foods brand body lotion.  Both are paraben free and don't have all the crazy chemicals found in a lot of cosmetics.  Also Burt's Bees chapstick.  I'm an addict, it's true.

BEST SHOPPING ADVICE...  don't be scared to shop off-season.  (Possibly my most favorite purchase ever is my tall brown boots, which I got on sale in June.  I debated so long over whether to get them because it was summer and I wouldn't wear them for months.  But I did get them, and it was definitely the right decision.)  Also...  Pack a granola bar for an energy boost.  Wear comfortable shoes.  When in doubt ask yourself if you'd buy that item of clothing if it were the same price but for sale at Wal-Mart (maybe its just me, but sometimes I find that I get suckered in to the name brands when an item isn't actually that cute so the Wal-Mart test always helps). Finally, take my mom with you.  She's a great bargain shopping partner.

I ALWAYS SPLURGE ON... handbags.  Because you carry the same one every single day (at least I do).  And having a great handbag can make any outfit.  Or at least distract from it.  I got my first "cool" handbag when I was in college.  It was a Kate Spade.  One of those black boxy ones--you know what I'm talking about?  And I always felt coolest when I carried it while wearing yoga pants and a hooded sweatshirt and running shoes because that was my college uniform and YET I had this fabulous bag that I'd begged my parents for and gotten as a Christmas gift.  That purse still ranks up there as Best Christmas Gift Ever, along with an electric car I could drive and a swing for my Cabbage Patch Kids back in 1985.  Plus you need one that is convenient for your lifestyle--whether it's big enough to hold a novel or small enough to fit in your diaper bag.

I ALWAYS SAVE ON...  shirts.  I'm happy to spend more on good pants or jeans that fit perfectly, but especially now when I've been all different sizes in the past two years (and my boobs are still, um, vacillating), I buy only inexpensive tops.  My back-to-work wardrobe was entirely sale or consignment buys.  (And I often cover the shirt up with a scarf anyway).  I always save on David's shirts, too.  He is picky about his pants, but I shop for his work shirts in the clearance section at Macy's and Kohl's and I rarely spend more than $10 on a dress shirt or necktie.  Seriously!

EVERY WOMAN NEEDS...  jeans that flatter her butt, comfortable ballet flats, and a best friend who works at Neiman Marcus (one of my BFFs is a manager there and I love getting her hand-me-downs).

MY SECRET STYLE SOURCE... undergraduates.  Mostly my students are total slobs, but sometimes they wear really cute stuff or accessorize in a unique way that I find inspiring.

MY MUST-HAVE FOR WINTER... my brown boots and fingerless gloves.  So I can pretend I'm a writer living in a garret in London, obviously.

You know you want to do this, too.  Let me know in the comments if you post your own Southern Living celebrity interview.


  1. I cant commit to a full comment right now... But I did do some off season shopping today (see instagram) :)
    I have to agree with lots of your tips.

  2. I, too had the boxy black Kate Spade purse!!! :-)

  3. I LOVE Tarte makeup. I was addicted-- addicted-- to their primer, but it was discontinued last year (the horror!) But it's back, and reformulated, and illuminates! EVEN BETTER.

  4. Love undergrad fashion! Once I wouldn't let a girl leave my classroom without demonstrating the awesome knot she had done with her scarf (love scarves too!!).

    I need boots so bad.

  5. Love, love, love your post. I am copying, I know you won't mind. I have never been to Paris but I love my scarves too!