Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Notes (warning: this is dull, but I have to post daily so I'm not sure what you people can expect from me!)

- I should have gone back to work in the middle of the week instead of a Monday.  This work week is too long.  My original plan was not to work Fridays at all, but then it turned out there are meetings I can't miss scheduled on three different Fridays in the next four weeks so boo.  Instead I'm just declaring half days for myself here and there.  With everything else we have to slog through, there have to be some perks to academia.  Like the cube of post-it notes I got from my dean earlier this week.  I do love me some office supplies.

- The best perk of my job is that full time faculty get free lunch.  We can eat in the dining hall or grab and go at the little cafe.  It is sometimes my favorite thing about work.  I hate packing lunches.  I will iron David's clothes every night, but I will not pack his lunch.  When I had to pack a lunch, I relied on leftovers (annoying because I would always forget to pack silverware) or the string cheese + granola bar combo which, while delicious, is not that satisfying.  Today they were out of garden veggie wraps, so I bullied the girl behind the counter into letting me have a cup of cheese cubes instead, even though they are not supposed to substitute items on the grab and go menu but they had no veggie options. (Note to those of you concerned with Bully Prevention:  There was not actually any bullying involved--I made a sad pouty face and she said she felt really bad for me.)

- I have recently had two different conversations with two different people who have said, "I wish I had a notification when you post a new blog."  Well, for this month, the notification is DAILY (assuming I can keep this up, but as I have a neverending supply of blather in my brain, that shouldn't really be a problem).  But also--there is a little space on the sidebar of the blog where you can enter your e-mail address and get new posts e-mailed to you.  Just FYI.  I don't know how it works, nor do I see the list of people who sign up for this.  But it's a gadget that Google made and it's there and you are welcome to use it.

- Speaking of computer stuff, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Macbook.  We are now officially a MacIntosh family, what with our iPhones and iPods and iPad and now a Macbook.  Now I just need to figure out how this icloud works and I want whatever that card is that will wirelessly transfer my iPhone pictures to my computer because I seriously have almost 2,000 pictures on my phone (yes, they are almost all of the baby because I am officially that person).  I have tried to transfer them manually twice,e but each time it seems that only half of them get transferred and I don't know why or how to fix that.  And I don't really know the difference between camera roll and photo stream and sometimes technology makes mah brain hurt.

- Speaking of technology, I'm obsessed with the podcast app on my phone and I am impatient to finish my audiobook on CD so I can dedicate my drive to listening to "Stuff You Missed in History Class."  #nerdalert

- We are attempting a "family date night" tonight.  Which is to say, we want to get the hell out of the house and do something, but we also want to hang out with the baby.  Our plan is to go to dinner kind of early to beat the crowds and then go to the art museum.  The special exhibits are free on Fridays and Zuzu is usually very content to chill out in the Ergo (although I wish the teething pads I ordered for it would get here--she's been slobbering all over the straps).  David and I have high hopes that the evening will go smoothly and baby will cooperate, so wish us luck.


  1. A night out sounds so nice!! Enjoy!

    I wish our dining hall was free. It is very good and only four dollars, so I usually get lunch there anyway on two of my campus days. HATE packing lunch.

  2. I love packing lunches, but nothing in this world could ever make me iron my own clothes, let alone my husband's. Ben sends everything out to be pressed (and somedays looks really shitty if he forgot to pick up his stuff, but I won't do that, either because 96% of my wardrobe is jersey, so IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM.) You are way, way, way nicer than I am-- we take regimented laundry turns. And I totally agree. You went to school for eleventy billion years in part to come and go when you damn well want to (is how I look at it anyway).

  3. Wow - we can't go anywhere w/Henry that doesn't involve some crying in the carseat (he hates it) and the guy can't stay awake for longer than 1.5 hours so needless to say, I'm homebound most days. Enjoy your date!

  4. I remember our first date night out with Ella - it was our anniversary in September so she must have been about 6 weeks old. We went to Trattoria Marcella and she sat in the car seat on the booth and was super pleasant and we had such a great time. Enjoy it. It's much less sweet and relazing once they are three. :)

    Now you've got me thinking about Lobster Risotto at Trattoria Marcella. Hmmm. Dangerous thoughts at 4:25 on a Friday.

    Happy weekend - you made it!

  5. Your date night sounds lovely.

    I want a Macbook, but Elliot always talks me out of it by saying I could have 4 new laptops or just 1 Macbook. Gah.

    I will pack lunches, but won't iron at all.

    I think that's great you get free lunches! Huge perk! I would've made pouty face for cheese, too.

    Ergo teether cover things are so great. B gets them all good and nasty with his slobber.

  6. Free food at work is head and shoulders above all other important factors when it comes to being content with your job.

    I'm jealous.

  7. I also love office supplies and hoard it from our receptionist. I only get free food on staff meeting days or when reps bring it or patients bring it.
    Family date night. That sounds like hanging out as a family??? I guess outside the house equates to date? Will park days be considered a date :)
    I wish I had a computer at all. My desk top stopped working and I haven't replaced it. So I use my phone which is NOT the same thing. Daryl has a phone a laptop and an IPad. Hmmm not fair. How many hours is considered full time at your campus? I mean in order to get free food...

    I'll tell you what I'm obsessed with... The phone app for this American life. I listen to it all the time especially while folding laundry and find myself totally cracking up and smiling. Check it out!

  8. I also loathe packing lunches. We've tried to do it a few times over the years but it never lasts very long. I know we've probably spent a small fortune on buying our lunches over the years. But at least I don't have to make them!! ; )