Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Odds and Ends

Last night, David got really excited about a Black Friday deal he saw online.

Thirstie wipes!  On sale!  For $7!  At Cotton Babies!

Because, yeah.  We get really excited about butt wipes up in here.

We did not get up early (or stay up late).  In fact, after napping for a total of maybe an hour and a half ALL DAY LONG yesterday, Zuzu crashed at 7:15pm and was out for the night.  I was right behind her.  I fell asleep at 8pm, woke up on the couch at 10pm, and put myself to bed while the rest of my family watched a movie.  

I'm telling you:  Wild and Crazy.

So today we headed out to Cotton Babies and invested in more wipes, more diapers, and a few other odds and ends.  

And since we were already out and about, we headed over to the Target just across the parking lot.  This was a pretty upscale shopping area (it has a lots of little boutiques, and the best Whold Foods ever) and the Target was not too crowded at all (by this time it was almost noon) and my mom got the Christmas tree she wanted while David got the cold medicine he needed (yes--his immune system got hit while he was down and he got over the stomach bug just in time to get a cold).  

After snacking in the Starbucks at Target, we decided to make a final stop at Buy Buy Baby.  I hate the name of the store.  It's like celebrating the materialistic impulses of buying things you don't need in preparation for a baby you may or may not get to bring home.  BUT we had a very generous gift card to spend and a couple of things on our shopping list...

We bought a walk-through baby gate for our hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms.  It's really a doggie-gate, not a baby gate.  Little Mac has been suffering some tummy issues (I guess she caught our bug?) and guess where she wants to relieve herself of her stomach discomfort?  The two carpeted rooms in our house.  Our bedroom and the nursery.  So the gate will keep the dogs out of the bedrooms while we're gone during the day.  We've been using an old-school baby gate (not the walk-through kind) there and we're constantly not stepping high enough so we trip over it (not safe!) or moving it and having it fall over, which makes all kinds of racket and scares the crap out of Cooper (metaphorically).  And we've moved it and then forgotten to put it in place often enough that Mac has managed to take a shit on the carpet every day for the past four days.  (Great for resale value!)   We told ourselves it was worth spending money on something that we use multiple times a day that will be much more convenient as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

And David's stoked about steam cleaning our carpets.  Again.

We also got our big girl a big girl seat!  

Phil and Ted's Lobster Seat pic from here 
It's hard to believe she's sitting up well enough to be ready for a chair like this, but sure enough.  I know a lot of people use a chair like this to take out to restaurants in lieu of a germy high chair.  But the short length of the lobster claws is also perfect for attaching to the short overhang on our kitchen countertop, and the claws are padded so we can also put it on our dining room table.  Since space is tight in our little house, this is a nice substitute for a regular high chair, and obviously it's also easy to travel with.  We also were given a high chair seat that fits on a dining room chair.  It's possible that we may end up preferring that for meals since it will have a sturdier tray, but the lobster seat is perfect for perching her in the kitchen while we're making dinner.

She also looks really cute in it, but I don't have a picture of that yet.  (Stay tuned!)

After we returned from our shopping adventures, Brandon and David and I decided to go see the new James Bond movie.  My parents saw it last week, knowing that we'd probably want to go over the weekend, so they were prepared to babysit.  But of course we didn't plan ahead so the show was sold out.  


We considered going to another theater to catch the movie at a later time, but there was the problem of timing the baby feeding (since the movie is almost two and a half hours long) so we ended up just heading back home.

And it turns out that my poor mom has evidently caught our stomach bug.  She hasn't barfed (yet) but she is running a fever and feeling crappy.  And of course the house smells like the delicious turkey and vegetable soup that my dad make from scratch with stock from our turkey, but the smell of any food makes my mom want to hurl.  

As a testament to what a nice daughter I am, when I found out my mom appears to have what we had last week, do you know what I did?

I cleaned the bathroom.  

Because it sucks to be sick at someone else's house, but it really sucks to be sick when there's one bathroom and it's been used by five people for two days and hasn't been thoroughly cleaned.

So at least the bathroom is clean and smells like cleaning products.

Now we're watching the Purina dog show (a favorite Thanksgiving tradition of mine).  I was rooting for the Great Dane.  But that little wire fox terrier that won was pretty cute.  If only there were a puggle category.  I think we all know who would win that one...

Honorary Purina Dog Show Champion.


  1. We didn't do any black friday we I mean me and the kids. Daryl likes the crowds and feels all christmasy about it. I stayed home and he went out around 1pm yeah totally not at the butt crack. He ended up getting some work clothes you know button ups and ties and sweaters and stuff. He got me, wait for it....a new toilet bowl brush ...haha. I asked for one while he was out :)
    Sorry your mama is sick.
    I told D that I wanted to see the James Bond movie..We NEVER go to the movies...he just looked at me and the kids and we both knew we would MAYBE see it on pay per view. ha!

  2. I've been fighting an effing cold for the past week. It came right after I got over the stomach bug. I feel David's pain. I'm scared it may have progressed into bronchitis. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Ps - if you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about you should google that Tosh.0 video. But seriously, I can't shake this cough.

  3. We back doored into Black Friday shopping too. Just at Whole Foods for goodies to take to a friend's house and Walgreens for some excema meds for Charlie. We are wild and crazy bargain shoppers.

    I love our chair-mounted high chair. We never even got the big one out for James because there's not a good place for it in our kitchen. So nice to just slide it under the table! I've always wanted one of those portable ones too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. The first thing I thought after reading this post was, "I'm glad I'm not the *only* person who knows what it's like to come home to animal poo stinking up our house!" ha! One of my cats likes to poo an inch from his box, and when we come in the side door...the pungent stink of cat poo from the basement hits our face, and we are thankful we aren't bringing a guest over for the first time! Gotta love our furry friends!

    I've never had the luxury/privilege/opportunity to shop the crazy sale days as I've managed a retail store for almost a decade...and have been on the receiving end of the insane shoppers. "boxing" day (dec.26) is our black Friday here in The Great White North. It is hell. For shoppers and employees. I've had 2 boxing days off in 8 years...and they were the best days of my life!

    Daniel fares the retail frenzy...this year he's determined to get us a big TV for he family room, and I've requested a camera. we'll see how much money we save vs energy and time dispensed.

    Sorry your mom is sick. You were good to clean the bathroom. That's the worst on top of the worst when you have to be sick in anything less than a spotless toilet.

  5. Brian saw that movie and said it was awful. Feel better? ;)

  6. I never shopped at Buy Buy Baby because I hate the name and I don't like to reward stupid name choices with my business.

    If it wasn't so late at night and I hadn't traveled over 1600 miles in a car over the last five days I'd list some other examples of dumb business names but right now I got nothing.

    Oh wait - in undergrad in SC I could never bring myself to shop for groceries at Piggly Wiggly. So there's one.

    And Kum&Go in Iowa.