Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Best Friends

Zuzu has just really started interacting with the dogs, which is totally adorable.  Her face lights up whenever Cooper or Little Mac wanders into her line of vision.  We don't let her touch Little Mac but Cooper is fair game for mauling petting gently.  He's such a good sport and he loves the attention.

Petting Cooper (Zuzu really wants to sit up on her own but she's still very unsteady)
Kisses from Cooper!  Love.
Besties for life.
So sweet.


  1. I cannot get enough of babies and dogs.
    Best of friends indeed <3

  2. Oh Oh and OH!!!! I am in love. Those are, well, not to be unoriginal, but ADORABLE, like Amelia said.
    I especially love the last one - could anything be more heartwarming?!

  3. Those are simply adorable.

  4. That last picture makes my heart melt into a puddle on the floor.

  5. Amazing last two photos - totally got me misty. Like you, I have one dog (Laika) who loves babies and attention and will be BFFs with anyone who has food or smells of food or has a little extra food on their face, and one dog (Sputnik) who is unpredictable enough that I wouldn't be shocked if she tried to nip at a baby who played too rough, and she already barks at kids when they talk loudly, so we typically keep her away from babies and kids for her own mental health and to avoid an incident. Which should be interesting if/when we have our own children...