Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Urban Farm Report

I am pleased to report that the second generation of Chik'n Sisters lived to grow up!  Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy appear to be thriving in the back yard habitat and now have a wing span that startles Cooper (and claws and beaks that make me nervous, frankly).

I have been hesitant to write about the chik'n sisters because the last time I gushed about how great the chickens were, it ended badly.

But Sunday, October 21 was an historical day as one of the Chik'n Sisters (we can't tell them apart, honestly, so let's just say it was Blanche) laid her first egg!

Zuzu is not impressed.
In other news, we had a friend come over on Saturday night, so Jodi and I were chatting away in the living room when David heard Cooper barking in the back yard and decided he should check it out.  He was gone for a few minutes, but I wasn't really paying attention.  Then he came back in the living to report that Cooper had been attacking a possum.



David said Cooper was circling the possum and the possum was turning and hissing but he couldn't turn fast enough to keep up with Cooper and then Cooper lunged and picked him up by his back and tossed him.  (Gah!) But the possum landed on his feet.  So David managed to yell at Cooper and get him away from the possom, then David opened our shed, grabbed the snow shovel, scooped up the possum, and dumped him the alley, where he landed on his feet and ran away.

I'm so glad I missed the whole thing.

David helpfully suggested we not let Cooper lick the baby's face now, since he'd just had a mouthful of possum.

As if we would EVER let that happen.

Oh, wait.


Have I mentioned that I hate possums?  Jodi and I had just been talking about our mutual fear and loathing of mice and possums are like mice but GROSSER and also larger.

At least I didn't have to witness any of it, although it did bring back fond memories of the first time David felt Caro kick.

In other urban farm news, I'm pleased to report that David's garden did well for us over the summer--we've got a nice supply of salsa in the freezer that was made from all garden-grown veggies and we had good eatings all summer long (with just a bit of supplementation from the farmers' market).  One more reason I'm glad to be married to David--his mad gardening skillz.

And to complete this little farm animal update, Little Mac appears to be losing her hearing as well as her eyesight.  She was in the kitchen with me and didn't hear Jodi arrive, then ran to bark aimlessly at the front door when Jodi was already seated on the couch.  Which is just great, as everyone needs a blind and deaf dog who is prone to aggressive behavior.





  1. Eeeeew-- (the possum, not the egg-- the egg is awesome).

    You have WAY MORE patience than I ever will-- I cannot imagine dealing with dogs and kids, although I am sure that in the next year or so, I am going to have to get these boys a puppy because EVERYBODY keeps telling me that boys need a dog.

  2. Always an adventure in your house.

    Possums are disgusting. My mom has a family of them that like to live at her house because she puts food out for stray animals and obviously... it attracts all kinds of critters. She thinks the possums and raccoons are "cute" and that makes me want to vomit.

    Nice job on the gardening and salsa stash! I love fresh(frozen) salsa in the winter when I know none of those veggies are in season. Mmmm!

  3. Glad the harvest was a success even despite our drought!

    I meant to ask you Saturday about how the chickens were. Glad they are thriving!

    I'm glad you missed the possum event but you don't know how lucky you have it with Cooper! Our husky has caught and killed countless moles, a mice, a bird, a bunny, and a squirrel (the squirrel he managed to bring into the house when Joe didn't realize he had something in his mouth and let him in!) No possoms to report, though.

    One of these days I could see you guys moving out to the country (a la Troy or Wentzville or something.)

  4. Love the pictures of little Caro looking at the egg... crying at the dog.. and totally tolerating the licks!

    Too cute!

    My step dad tells stories of having raccoons as pets, and my aunt literally has a RAT FARM at her house. Gross. Glad you didn't have to deal with the critter first hand.

  5. Good doggy! Chickens + possums = unfortunate combination.

  6. My dog attacked a kitten once. It didn't end well. Freaking dogs.

    So jealous of your chickens and garden! How nice to have fresh veggies all summer!

  7. We have a boatload of squash frozen for tortilla soup this winter that I am ridiculously pleased about. I felt all Laura Ingalls putting stuff up for the winter when I blanched them and put them in freezer bags. What up over active fantasy life..yeah.
    Sooo, our chickens are getting all mean to each other again...have you had any such problems? Jesus farm life is hard.

  8. You got an egg!!! So cool! This post was so fun... Your dog has possum and dog butt lucked on her face ..., haha. She will probably get a French kiss from Cooper one of these days !!!

  9. And, I'm pretty sure Cooper came in and planted a big wet one on me right after the backyard tango, so yeah, I think I took one for Caro! :)

    I have told David that you guys should totally move out this way! Can you imagine the garden you could have on 3 acres?