Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Lil' Punkin

My BFF Monica came in town.  We took our husbands and our mini-mes and went apple pickin' and pumpkin pickin'.

Because that's what you do when it's fall in the midwest.

(FYI:  Fall in the midwest does its best to make up for the humidity and bugginess of summer in the midwest.  And it does a pretty damn good job of it, as you can see.)

We took about a million pictures of our little adventure.

Because that's what you do when you have two adorable girl-babies along for the ride.

Behold the cute:

the girls.  we totally color-coordinated without even planning it.

we grow some big punkins 'round here

Ellie Kate liked them apples
She doesn't have teeth, but she latched on to the apple and sucked away!
Oooh, tempting!

Zuzu was worn out from apple picking

And Johnny was worn out from being our pack mule.

Duck and Caroline in the pumpkin patch

I think we picked the best little punkin in the whole patch.

Now we need to find time for pumpkin decorating and carving.  And I need to find the perfect recipe for apple crisp!

As we walked back to the cars, Monica and I were a few paces behind David and Johnny, who were carrying the babies.  We watched our husbands head across the parking lot to load our kids up in carseats and Monica said, "Can you believe this is who we are now?"

Grief aged me a million years and sometimes I still feel so far removed from the person I was before Eliza--which isn't all bad, but it isn't all good, either.

So, yeah.  I feel totally cheeseball, apple picking and taking a million pictures of my kid next to a huge pumpkin.  But cheeseball is not so bad.  In fact, this apple-crisp and pumpkin-patch phase of life is kind of kick ass.

we are totally those embarrassing parents. already.


  1. Oh, that last picture is so priceless! I wish you could have seen that snapshot a year ago, you now? Like how much would THAT have helped you. Also? You look awesome. :)

  2. You guys all look darling.

    And you are doing one of the hardest things known to man after pregnancy. Really, just want to say I think you're one of the more accomplished moms I know, and I can only take strides to aim for what you've already mastered...

    ... You are wearing jeans. Tell me they're 50% stretch, or something that makes them magically look so great, and dont make you feel like you're being cut in half when you sit down!?!

    Anyway, much love to you guys. Life looks good from where you are. I hope it feels that way too :)

  3. So darn sweet!! And yes cheese ball is kick ass. Waaaaay better than last yrs depths of despair

  4. Seriously wonderful, these photos. I'm so glad Caro is here.

    And you're right. Fall in the Midwest is pretty nice. I'm not sure it makes up for the crappiness of the rest of the seasons, but it is nice.

  5. How has no one commented on your beautiful shirt!? Oh yeah, cause of that cute baby. She is pretty fab.

    Have you shared with us how the name Zuzu came to be? Did I miss something? Because now when I see pictures of her I form my lips into a funny shape and think in my head (sometimes outloud) "Zu-zu-ZU!" (also, my lips could pass as a duck face. Ironic, egh?

  6. Oh, and I'd like to point out how cute it is that she has an orange bow headband as well as an orange bow beanie. That girl has her shit together.

  7. Oh I love it! Beautiful babies!

    We are hoping to go pumpkin picking this weekend but we'll see.

    I know just what you mean about grief aging you. It really does. But you are right, having these little guys helps. I know we both would have known we were lucky even if our girls had lived, but they didn't, and knowing that makes you appreciate these moments so much more.

  8. That second to last picture is absolutely precious!!!!

  9. sweet lil' pumpkins!!!!!

  10. The pumpkin and apple crisp stage is awesome!! I'm already sad that it will likely end one day (unless I can line up the teenagers in front of pumpkins, I can do this right?). Fall is such a special time with little ones isn't it?

    Let me know when you find a good apple crisp recipe. I find most to be too sweet, so I'd love some new ideas!

  11. For my money, the good old red and white checked Better Homes cookbook has the best apple crisp-- a classic.

    Such cute pictures-- I love fall in the midwest!