Monday, October 8, 2012


Another blog linked me to this video and I had to pass it on.  A bunch of ducks were rescued from an animal hoarder and get their first swim in a pond.

Happy ducks are cute stuff.


  1. The first time they all go in, you can just see them thinking "Hey, what's this cold, wet stuff?!"


  2. Adorable!!

    I have a friend who had to adopt duck eggs, I forget the cause, so she gave them to her chickens to sit on. She was on vacation when they hatched, her daughter and grandson were watching the house and animals. One of the funniest facebook statuses ever; Mom, your eggs hatched today, Mike and I were like What the duck?!
    They stuck around for a bit and their chicken mamas would get so angry at them for trying to swim in the water dishes, but eventually she knew they were ready to fly the coop (it's so sad that pun made me giggle) when they discovered the pond on the next property. It was a cute story to follow.

  3. Ha. Love this.

    Speaking of animals with feathers - what's the latest with your chicks? Do you have fresh eggs yet? Are they amazing? We have a stupid city ordinance prohibiting chicken coops. Boo.

    So please update me and make me jealous. K thanks.