Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Dose of Holy Water

Caroline's baptism was last weekend.  We had the ceremony at my parents' church in my hometown, which is the church I grew up in and the church where David and I were married.  It was a sweet ceremony with their new minister, Pastor Linda, and a lovely personalized song led by the choir.

the family - Nana and Papa are in the back, then my parents, David's grandma, and us

Caroline, Caroline, God claims you!
Zuzu was very well-behaved and didn't cry at all.  In fact, I think she would have fallen asleep in the pastor's arms if she'd been given a couple more minutes to snuggle.

The beared guy next to David was my first grade Sunday School teacher and later my high school principal!  Gotta love a small town.
It was a very nice day, and my mom made brunch afterward and the great-grandparents (David's grandma and my Nana and Papa) came over.  The weather was beautiful and the baby was adorable, so we really couldn't have asked for a better day.

family pic and bald baby
But it was definitely bittersweet because Eliza was on my mind a lot,especially at church.  How I wish I could have had a day like this for each of my girls.

Don't you love her tights?  Thanks, Heumader  family!


  1. I love that picture of the pastor holding Caroline with you all in the background.

    I also love that the pastor is a woman. :)

    Glad you had such a beautiful day!

  2. Her tights are so cute! bald baby or not she's so adorable! hugs-

  3. The three of you look so cute. Love the tights on her... And you look purty in green :). (David looks sharp too!)

    My heart is with you, missing Eliza...wishing she had a go around too.

    Glad you had such a nice day to be back home.

  4. You're the cutest mom ever, your outfit is very Kate Spade and I love it.

    Your Caroline is so gorgeous. Thinking of your beautiful Eliza always. Always.

  5. Great pictures! So glad you had a nice (albeit bittersweet) day.

    I was in tears when I stumbled on my christening dress while going through some boxes in my mom's basement a few summers ago... I had hoped for Katie to wear that same dress to her own baptism. :( I brought it home with me.

  6. Baby is pretty and wonderful and all, but you are just beautiful!

    You seriously work this mom thing so well.

  7. What a lovely day! I love the baptism lullaby song!

  8. Looks like a beautiful day for a beautiful family!

  9. She is the sweetest little thing. You're all just way too cute.

  10. All these special milestones are always a little bittersweet. We had Cales baptism scheduled and I remember Miles having to call our Priest to tell him it would no longer happen. The priest was confused at first thinking we were just wanting to reschedule and miles had to repeat/explain that it never was going to happen. When we had Finleys baptism it was special indeed, but even my sweet sister in law started crying saying she just wished she (as the Godmother) got
    To share that moment with Cale.

    But oh so happy for all your little Caroline does get to experience. And so happy for digital cameras so you can easily share that gorgeous face!