Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sleeping Beauty and Friends

I have some posts to write!  Photos of Zuzu's quilts, a brief explanation of how Caroline has achieved the unlikely and ridiculous nickname of Zuzu (besides the fact that when you look at her face you just want to sort of purr, "Zuzzzzuuu" because she's so adorable), a story of how I rescued the saddest little dog ever and found him a new home completely by accident, a tale of Mommy & Me yoga, and some excerpts from our family photo session that make me laugh out loud.

But today I wanted to write about Fairy Tales for Hope.

Hope was a baby girl born four years ago.  Like Eliza, she was the first daughter of a couple who loved her and wanted everything for her, and like Eliza, she slipped away from them without warning and broke their hearts into a million pieces.

Sally is Hope's mama, a blogger, and the sort of person I'd like to surround myself with in real life.  I know so many of us who blog or read about grief and baby loss online are incredibly grateful for Sally's honesty and encouragement and kindness.  And if you follow her on Instagram, you know she's an amazing cook as well.  If only we lived close enough that I could regularly invite myself over for dinner...  Alas, (for me, not them) Sally and her family (her husband, Simon, and Hope's brother Angus and sister Juliet) live in Australia, so the dinner thing hasn't happened... yet.  One of the many amazing things about the interwebz is that you can be completely uplifted and charmed by people on the other side of the world.

In honor of Hope's fourth birthday, Sally's friend Tonia created a series of art prints for the month of August.  There are 31 of them, all based on fairy tales.

 Each print is gorgeous, and all proceeds from their sales benefit the Sillbirth Foundation of Australia, which is a parent-driven organization that funds and encourages research into stillbirth and works to increase public awareness of stillbirth.

The prints sell for $20 each, plus a flat rate of $16 to ship from Australia, no matter how many prints you buy.  They are 10 inches by 10 inches (or 250mm x 250mm if you are on the metric system).

It was nearly impossible for me to decide because I love so many of them, but I ordered this one for Caroline:

Sleeping Beauty
I also love this one

The Princess and the Pea
and this one

Snow White

and this one

The Frog Prince
If you'd like to support the project, you can order your own print(s) here.

Seriously, if Caroline's nursery wasn't already full of adorable prints, I probably would have made the whole thing fairy tale themed and bought as many as I could.

And, those of you with better social skills than I, check out their facebook page here.

Happily ever after sure doesn't mean what it used to mean around here.  But we're definitely doing the best we can.

My sleeping beauty


  1. Oh Zuzu, you are too cute.

    Umm, we bought ten (10!!!!) prints from Fairy Tales for Hope. I have trouble making decisions. We have very little wall space but E said we could swap them in and out if we don't have enough wall space for all ten!

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  3. You're too kind. This project is not just for Hope, but for all of our babies, gone far too soon.
    I think you made a perfect choice for Zuzu's nursery. Seriously if we did get together for dinner, it would be TOTALLY too confusing with the Juju/Zuzu thing!!!!

  4. I've seen her blogs about it, and I'm dying to buy a print (or several).

    It's going to be hard to choose.

  5. What a beautiful idea! On a somewhat related note, I'm fundraising for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep on my blog. I'm giving a $1 for every comment I get, so please stop by.