Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quilt Show

Caroline has been the lucky recipient of some gorgeous quilts, including a couple of hand-me-downs from Eliza.  She wanted to do a little quilt show to show them off!

OK, I wanted to do the quilt show.  She tolerated it well, but didn't give me any big smiles.  Fortunately she looks adorable anyway.

Tummy time on the baby duck quilt Nana made for our baby ducks before I was even pregnant (this is the quilt hanging in Caroline's nursery).  I love the three-dimensional windmill flaps, but Nana says they are a pain in the neck to make!

I was trying to make her smile and instead I got the WTF face.  She's on the quilt Nana made with gender-neutral fabric I picked out  for the Deuce.  I love the trees, the wavy lines, the polka-dots, the turquoise.  I like that it's sweet without being your typical pastels.

Not that there's anything wrong with pastels!  Here's Zuzu on a pink baby duck blanket that Nana made for Eliza.  

Cousin Bonnie made this Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt.  Caro looks to be dancing a little jig.  

Go Cards!  This quilt was made as a wedding present for us by David's grandma Duckworth and his aunts.  Zuzu likes to stare at the black-on-white stitching.

The other baby wanted in on the action.  Someone craves attention!  Poor Cooper.  He's still my baby, too.


  1. These are awesome. I have zero quilts (though I do love them, and think I should procure one...), but we have a baby blanket made for Jack in the softest blue knit... His nana made it, and then decided to just "buy" Grace a cheap faux-fleece, shedding like a mother blanket. Is it wrong to be upset? ;)

  2. Oh, she's just sumthin' isn't she!


    Those quilts look loved, warm and well done. I have a lot of store bought baby blankets from my showers, given with love that are now folded away with an unknown purpose. I get kind of anxious thinking of all the stuff I have tucked away in the room that was to be his... I want to use it.. but I don't want to *forget* what was initially his. I don't know.. maybe I'm talking crazy, but I don't ever want to forget, but I dont want his things to be *more* valuable than another childs things... but I don't want to make a shrine out of them either. ah, such is life.

    Is it bad that my sister made a quilt for Alexander... and I don't really like it..? I'm a horrible person...but she used a "kit" and the fabric is cheap, and the pattern is so K-MARTish.

    I'm an awful person! I have quilt envy!!

  3. Where oh where did Cousin Bonnie find the fabric for that Very-Adorable-and Hungry-Caterpillar quilt?!

    These are all so sweet. Caroline's Nana is one talented lady!

  4. Beautiful quilts, beautiful baby! I can't believe how big she is getting!

  5. How lovely! We have two old quilts, like great-grandmother who died before I was born old, and we have just started using them w K bc he is so mobile. You will start seeing them in lots of pics

  6. How lucky she is to be surrounded by such talented people who love her! They are all beautiful, I love them.

  7. I have total quilt envy. These are beautiful! (As is Miss Zuzu....)

  8. Love these! M has a Paddington Bear quilt made just for him and Addi's quilt is packed away safely hoping for a little sister to share it with. Love that Caroline can share her big sissy's quilt and also have her very own <3

  9. Lucky Caroline! Those are gorgeous quilts!