Monday, September 10, 2012


The nursery is completed!

The baby's only been here two and a half months!

Fortunately she didn't seem to notice or care that her room was a hot mess in a bit of disarray.

We only have two bedrooms in our wee little bungalow, so we left the guest bed up for the month of July to accommodate visiting grandparents.  The shelves were already up when we'd begun to set up the nursery for Eliza, so they just lived (awkwardly) in the guest room for the year and a half it was not a nursery.

Then we finally put up the crib and moved the changing table from our room to the nursery.

A shopping trip (with baby in tow) to Hobby Lobby to buy fabric for another project resulted in the spur-of-the-moment purchase of a laundry hamper, storage ottoman, and the book basket.

My favorite things are the things on the wall--a combination of things I'd gotten for Eliza, things purchased specifically for Caroline, and a few hand-me-downs from my nursery when I was a baby.

So with no further ado, I give you a ridiculous number of photos that catalog every object in this room.  You are welcome.

view from the doorway corner - furniture purchased for Eliza.  We ordered it online but David and I can't remember where we got it...  Amazon?  Overstock?  No idea.  The chair was purchased locally at a high-end baby store (it was the floor model) and the little yellow rug you can barely see is from Home Goods (also purchased for Eliza).

view from the crib - I made the curtains for Caroline out of sheets from Target following this tutorial.  Sorry the lighting is terrible and I'm too lazy busy to retake it.  Also the lamp is kind of heinous.  I think I'm just going to spray paint it white.  There's no ceiling light in this room, so it's kind of essential.
view from the chair - the quilt was originally made for Eliza by my Nana and has baby ducks on it.  The diaper pail is also somewhat unsightly but essential.

Hair bow central!  We're already running out of room for all her bows, which is particularly funny since my baby is mostly bald but for her little old man fringe.  The bottom frame was a gift from my friend Stephanie.  The small brown frame is a print that was given to me by my grandma when I was little.  It says "God danced the day you were born."  I'd planned to put it up in Eliza's nursery.

On the door to her room:  "Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains."  An Etsy purchase just for Caroline from Bo Peep Baby.

Above the crib - Eliza's duck painting and the free Rainbows printable

Between the crib and changing table--an ABC banner cross stitched by my great-aunt Beth.  This hung in my nursery when I was a baby.  Isn't it adorably vintage?

Above the changing table--Cooper and Mac prints from Wallfry on Etsy.

Gallery frames above the rocking chair

Caroline's birth announcement

Print from Trafalgar's Square on Etsy - a gift for Caroline from David's sister

A tiny print in the shape of a duck that says "lucky, lucky."  I  ordered this for Eliza's nursery also (the seller is no longer on etsy).

A $2 letter C from Hobby Lobby, covered with scrapbook paper.

A "Make Way for Ducklings" postcard my mom mailed us from Boston a few years ago.

An Alice in Wonderland print I ordered for Eliza from DreameryStudio on Etsy (seller no longer on Etsy).

An embossed print I happened upon at a resale shop in our neighborhood.  Cardinals remind us of David's grandpa Gene (biggest St. Louis Cardinal fan) and this print reads "Each day is a gift, praise each moment and waste it not."  Perfect sentiment, no?

The shelves above the rocking chair - filled with goodies!

My picture didn't turn out well, but this darling print was a gift from my friend Megan for Caroline.  It says "You make me happy when skies are gray."

Top shelf:  A stuffed lamb given to Caroline by her great-great aunt Dottie, an angel figurine my mom gave me, another Trafalger's Square print (originally purchased for Eliza), a framed picture of a butterfly, a Noah's ark piggy bank, an antique duck that was a gift for Eliza, and a little gift box that came full of duck socks (the very ones I cried over in this post)

Bottom shelf:  Ted and Albert, my teddy bear and dog from childhood, a cute card, Sophie the giraffe, Caroline's baby book (I thought it was gender neutral, but it's actually boyish--it has stuff about snips and snails in it), a framed picture of David and Caroline, her teensy ball glove (it was Eliza's) and a baseball piggy bank

A basket of books, most of them lovely gifts, including The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts.  Awesome.

The closet - I like to decorate it with her cute dresses.  And the banner is reused from the sip & see.  I made it with scrapbook paper and letters I printed and cut out (I have mad scissors skills).
This monkey was a hand-me-down from Caroline's cousins Kailer and Taylyn.  We stuck it on the shelf over her changing table and she loves it.  It cracks her up.

Looking at the funny monkey!
Last but not least -- a mobile from my nursery as a baby.  This was made by my grandma, and it's perfect for my rainbow baby.
There you have it.  A catalog of the nursery that my daughter has not yet slept in because both David and I want her to be no more than an arm's reach away.  So she's in her little sleeper in our room forever now.  And the dogs are still only allowed in the baby's room when supervised.

So you can see, our duck "theme" is really just the quilt.  We've brought in lots of pink and other colors besides yellow and blue.  It's kind of a cluttered and eclectic little nursery, but I love the way every single object in that room is sentimental and meaningful to us, one way or another.  Decorated with love, for sure.


  1. I love knowing what you bought for Eliza. It's all so precious and there's a nice touch of family heirlooms and new items for both of your girls. I just love it all.

    I definitely saw that set of duckling statues in the Boston Common last week. I thought of you as we walked by. A local was telling me on the plane ride there to check it out... apparently one of the ducks was stolen at some point. The locals were so outraged and it was promptly replaced.

    The framed Cardinal is awesome. So many cute David touches in there as well. Proud Papa.

    And also, you have mad scissor skills for sure. That banner kills it.

  2. Perfect and beautiful and wonderfully sentimental!

  3. Love the room! I think the wall colour is almost exactly the same as I picked for A's nursery. My aunt made a big stink about how I was confining my boy to think blue is *just* for boys. I picked blue because I love blue...for both, and yes, cute for boys.

    I hade a blue room growing up, so I'm happy to see you have blue for your girls too!

    All and all, the room is full of everything I could ever hope and dream to be in my future ...sans your entire personal life details! But you know what I mean. I think it's all so sweet - and so well done. I love how you've incorporated your entire family in all the details.

  4. My mother Fing IPhone keeps being sassy so if you get three comments from me you'll know why but basically all I was trying to say is that it's all so precious! I love that ABC banner that hung in your nursery.... I love sweet heirlooms like that. Oh and Ted and Albert? Love them. Especially the names that little Brooke gave them!

  5. The framed "You make me happy when skies are gray" print makes me so happy. What a perfect sentiment for sweet baby C.

  6. And yet you ordered a fairy tale print, no? Where ever will you put it, my dear!?
    Seriously though, one thoughtful and gorgeous nursery. Caro is one lucky girl.

  7. Such a heartfelt space! I love how each piece means something and is so unique. What a lucky girl!

  8. Beautiful and so full of love!

  9. Love love love. Can you come do Owen's nursery??

  10. A beautiful nursery! What lucky girls you have, to have a place that is so full of your love and care.

    Did you make the hair bow frames or find them somewhere? We could use something like that.

  11. Love it all! Thanks for detailing everything! So special! I love when Sloane picks up something that was mine as a child and asks about it. She always remembers what was mine once I tell her. Caro will have those same moments, I'm sure. And Kel and Caro will also hopefully treasure their heavenly siblings' things, as well. I've already stared telling Kel about those.

  12. Love Caro's nursery. I love blue for both genders- had we not moved, Grace would have slipped right into the nursery we had planned for Jack. :)

    I adore all the personal touches- your childhood things, the nod to grandpa and David's things too, not to mention Eliza's. She's a lucky little lady to have such beautiful things from people who adore her.