Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family Photo

When my parents and brother were in town a few weeks ago, my mom wanted us to take a family picture.  I suggested that we take the photo at Forest Park, in front of Eliza's tree.

My dad has a tripod for his DSLR camera and a remote control to operate it, so we headed to the park.

It took a few several about a million tries before we got a decent snapshot, and I thought I'd share some of the outtakes...  These are the photos that will NOT be making the Christmas card!  They seriously crack my shit up, but maybe you had to be there?

My mom does yoga while my dad tries to figure out the angle of the camera.  I guess I was talking.
Just checking on my boobs.  Yup, they're still there.  What my mom is doing is anyone's guess.  Whistling, perhaps?  David evidently can't open his eyes and my brother appears to be grimacing.
David strikes a pose, albeit a rather defeated one.  The rest of us are looking at the baby.  She must have done something shocking?

The remote control is finally working--hence Dad's appearance in the photo--but WAIT, I need to make sure my hair looks ok!  And David still can't open his eyes.
Dad and Brandon smile--Brandon with extra cheese--while my mom and I seem to have forgotten we are getting our picture taken.  David is pouting.
QUICK!  Everyone pretend to be normal.
We put the Carolines in the middle for this one.  And Eliza's tree shows up much better.  Watch out, Christmas cards!  This could be it.


  1. you make me kinda want to give bangs another shot.

    Also, weird question - but where are David's shorts from? Me gusta.

  2. I'm impressed with the good ones you did get! And the mess ups are pretty funny.

  3. I love this! Just got caught up on all of your posts!!! Sending big hugs!!!!!!!

  4. I am literally laughing out loud here. In lieu of Christmas cards, you should send out this blog post. People would love the laugh.

  5. i think i spy some WTF face.

  6. Awesome. I need a remote, the only pictures that actually have me in them are the iPhone self portrait style ones.

  7. I like that last one too - and I'm one of those weirdos that gets distracted by extra stuff in the photos. You could easily photoshop out that light post in the far background and let the tree take center stage.

  8. Baby! Omg congratulations xoxoxo

  9. Love that you took the photos in front of Eliza's tree! I can imagine you going back there in future years, & how both tree & Caroline will be growing. : )