Friday, August 17, 2012

The days are just packed

We've been busy.

Strolling around the neighborhood.

Stroller walks manageable with just one four-legged beast.
Strolling at Forest Park.

OMG!  A Segway tour!  Future Visitors to STL:  We can totally do this.  If you want to be a HUGE NERD.  I don't know why I want to make fun of people on Segways.  I just find them irresistible targets of mockery.
Visiting sister Eliza's tree.

I love my baby ducks.  Also, I was relieved her tree survived the heat wave.

Eliza's tree tag

Locavore likes chow time.

Swaddle becomes toga.

Sweet dreams.

Tummy Time.

Sister & Brother
Hanging with the homies.

The three musketeers.

Getting hit on by cute boys.

Nathan is getting a little handsie!  We've got to keep an eye on that one.
And today we're watching a few episodes of Season 2 of Parks and Recreation (I don't find many shows to be laugh-out-loud funny, but Parks and Rec does it for me).  Observe the wee baby couch potato.

Most delicious couch potato EVER.  I could just eat her up.



    I love your shirt, her outfits as well.

  2. She is so delightfully beautiful.

    Packed like they should be. Should've been.

    I could eat her up, too.

  3. Very cute! Love that the Oregon shirt has another good meaning!

  4. Love seeing so many pictures! The swaddle toga is adorable. And the locavore. And the smiling. And and and!

  5. Nice to see you and the family all out and about. (STL needs some rain by the looks of the grass!)
    Love the pictures, love you and Caroline with Eliza's tree... And I just hope you are doing well

  6. She's just a beautiful baby doll version of David! (not that he's NOT a beautiful baby doll or anything :)

  7. I feel like Caro and Grace need to have a chubby cheek-off. She's delicious. :)

    I love + all your baby ducks. You are SUCH a beautiful mother.

    I have recommendations for lol'able shows: Suburgatory with "El-on" from Clueless, Girls (inappropriate, but hilariously relatable), and Modern Family.

    You didn't ask, but you're welcome. ha! :)

  8. Looks like you're setting into a routine nicely! I love that "I eat local" onesie - it made me crack up at work just now when I saw it. And I enjoy the photos of your pups and Caro co-existing - esp whenever your Cooper looks like a proud older brother.

  9. So sweet!!

    We drove through STL two nights ago and I was really wishing we had more time to stop and meet you! Maybe next time.

  10. She is gorgeous my friend! And that Eating Local shirt is just about genius. Seriously.

    Catching up on several posts before the kids are up...sorry about your mastitis. Sheesh.