Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christmas in August

My brother has been living in Seoul, South Korea for the past three years.  (You can read some highlights from our visit to Seoul here and here.).  He's now back in the states and has just moved to Pittsburgh to start a PhD program (sounds like somebody is totally copycatting his sister, right???).

Anyway, on his way to Pittsburgh, Uncle Bubs came through St. Louis to meet his new niece!

Cardinals fan Caroline isn't too sure about being held by a guy in Pirates gear...
My parents came up for the weekend also, and it was the first time we had all been together in a long time.

My family has not celebrated Christmas together for the past two years, not since Eliza died.  I wasn't functioning at all in December 2010, and last year David and I didn't even put up a tree and attempted to escape to Mexico.  So my mom decided that we would have Christmas this summer when Brandon was here.

It was also a convenient excuse for my mom to give Caroline a bunch of Christmassy clothes that she'll be able to wear in December this year.  And for us to play silly board games and let David cook for everyone, in true holiday spirit!

Grams and Mini-C
So we exchanged Christmas gifts (which included beer, chocolate, yoga gear, baby photos, and a carved Buddha) and Uncle Bubs brought Caroline a stuffed panda bear that he got from Lotte World in Seoul.  I wanted to name it some kind of cute Korean name but we couldn't come up with anything cute and easily pronounced by those of us not fluent in Korean.

However, when we visited Brandon in Korea two years ago, we met the girl he was dating at the time, and I remembered that we also met her really adorable dog:

Joo and her puppy
Unfortunately (for my mom and me, who wanted to make Joo part of the family), Brandon and Joo broke up.  (That's right ladies, my brother is single!!!  Who wants to be Caroline's favorite auntie???)  But since I still love Joo and her cute dog, I thought we could name the panda bear after Joo's puppy...  Except I couldn't remember the dog's name.

But Brandon remembered!  His name was... Pony!

Yes.  Like the small horse.

So...  Pony the Panda.  Because that won't be confusing AT ALL.

Meeting Pony the Panda
 We tried some other names because David thought she might seem weird if she pointed at Panda bears and called them ponies, but Pony stuck (Also don't you kind of want to name your dog Pony now?).  So I guess our daughter runs the risk of being the weird kid who thinks pandas are ponies.

Who you callin' weird?  Nobody in this picture is weird.
Oh wait.
Fussiness conquered by the New Native sling. 
(Side note:  I see in the pictures that I kept putting on and taking off a sweater that evening.  I felt cold... then hot... then cold...  Yeah.  That was the night before I woke up with MILK FEVER.  Go figure.  Also that's a scalp massager that my brother is wearing on his head--a little Christmas gift from Yours Truly.  Bubs--You're welcome.)

Anyway, our family Christmas would not be complete without a picture of a baby in an enormous stocking:

No idea what that shadow is -- but the stocking contains the best Christmas present EVER.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  In the woombie.
And Caroline still loves Pony the Panda!

Oh, BY THE WAY, I'm 8 weeks old now.
(And yes, we are the parents taking weekly pictures of our preshus snowflake.)
Cooper showed an interest in Pony, too, so he had to be encouraged to play with his own toys instead.  Unfortunately for Coop, Caroline is not an interested playmate yet.  And I'm grossed out by chewy dog toys on the baby blanket.

Why won't baybee play tug of war???

There you have it.  Christmas in August.  Thanks, Caro, for making our days merry and bright.


  1. I love this post! What a nice celebration. Pony is a great name. We have had lots of weird lovey names over the years. The family picture at the end is great!

  2. What a wonderful family celebration! I am all for Christmas in August! I think that it is everyone being together than creates the celebration and not the time of year. What a great family time.

    That 8 week old photo is adorable! Where did you get the onesies?

  3. I would like Pony as well. Panda, of course.

    Also, what a beautiful photo of you guys at the bottom. I love it.

  4. I love how much happier your real Christmas will be this year.

    And I just love that adorable babe!

  5. New Native sling = best sling EVER. I wore G in mine everywhere. Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh how fun! Happy Christmas :)
    And I had a cat (real, not stuffed) when I was a kid that I named Mouse because she had big ears...

    Caro is so cute!

  7. Love this!! Hope u r feeling better!

  8. I have a sister named Brooke! We should totally set them up and be related someday. And Joe is from Pittsburgh-born and raised there, even he won't wear Pirates stuff. (Tonight he said he was a little conflicted because the Pirates haven't had a winning season in SOOOOOOOOOO long. But he still would root for the Cardinals over them. I'm so proud.)

    I love little Caroline's dress in that last picture!

  9. I love the picture of your dad with Caroline. Adorable! He looks so happy!

  10. love this post. Its great that you can get together with family and later crack wise jokes in an innocent kinda way here. Always find your blog a fun read. hugs mama-

  11. Christmas anytime of year is alright in my books! I am so glad you have a reason to celebrate this year!! And what an adorable stocking stuffer! Santa really came through this year!!

  12. Good grief, I knew I was behind but not THIS far. I'll soon be reading about your actual Christmas celebrations at this rate. :p Anyhoo ; ) -- glad you had fun, & love all the photos. I vote for the bottom photo as this year's Christmas card. I also love the one of Caroline in the stocking. : )