Friday, July 27, 2012

She's From the Lou and She's Proud

Earlier this month, Caroline's cousins visited from California.

cuteness obviously runs in the family
They hit a lot of major St. Louis attractions, including the zoo and the botanical gardens.  On their last full day in town, we took them to the arch.  The cousins (and their mom and grandma) went up in the teensy elevators to check out the view from the top.  They said it was awesome.  But Caroline was perfectly content to roll around the museum in her stroller.

Caroline, David, Kailer, and Taylyn
After we saw the museum sights, we left the cousins in line for the elevators and braved the heat to have a quick photo session outside.  

Caro and Daddy

Caro and Mommy

Neck control would have been helpful in getting this shot
Photo session ended abruptly with a major FIRST:  Caroline's first diaper blow out!

changing the dipe
So she can cross "Getting naked at a major tourist attraction" off her bucket list.

Because that's how we do it in the Lou.

Who's coming to visit?  Caroline would love to take you on the Anheuser Busch tour!


  1. We visited St Louis for the first time a couple months after losing Cale and we just loved it. I hope to come back and visit sometime soon - are the botanical gardens worth the visit? We didn't do those last time as it was during some big event and way crowded.

    Is Caro getting a Clydesdale for her first birthday?

  2. Ahh, blowouts. At least it was in a pretty place. We call that "poo with a view".

    I had a short layover in Saint Louis earlier this week and thought of you guys! I hate that you can't visit people at airports anymore.

  3. B is good at brewery tours. :)

    I'm very proud of Caro for having her first blowout. I believe Benjamin would likely refer to her as a rookie.

    Also, you look beautiful!

  4. Yes to Caroline above - the Garden is completely worth the visit. Plus - little known secret to outsiders - it opens early on Wednesdays and Saturdays - at 7 - you can beat the heat and the crowds, as long as you don't mind watching the gardeners at work. Actually, I prefer that. It's just a bunch of locals out for morning exercise and you can pretend as if the garden is yours and you have a vast staff of groundskeepers.

    Perhaps I am sharing too much of my fantasies of grandeur.


    We can smell the brewery from our house. Which is better than smelling poo from the arch, I guess.

  5. G didn't even have a neck for like the first 6 months of her life, she went from chin to shoulders, I was so proud when she grew one. :) (in response to your neck control captioned picture)
    You look fantastic and it looks like everyone had a great time!

  6. We visited st louis in june! We stayed at the hyatt acrossed the street fromt he arch and went to the city museum and did the brewery tour. We came childless but we really want to get back there soon to take him to the zoo.

    First blow out? Dont you use cloth (how is that going by the way?) I'e never had a blow out in cloth!

  7. Um why does it look like a photo shoot with a fan to blow your hair perfectly? That picture is all about you. The baby is an accessory :).

  8. Brooke, you look ridiculously good!

  9. Cuteness DOES run in the family!

    Love the pictures, the trip and the blow out! ha! It just makes me so happy to see that car seat...silly thing, but it it does. Just makes me think of Addison and Eliza and smile that their littles are able to use them.

    PS You don't look like you just had a baby let alone two babies in 2 years...I hate you a little ;)

  10. One more thing...C's from the Lou and her nickname is Deuce...bwahahaha stop with the poop references already before she gets a complex. ha!