Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Things on Friday Night

1) My adventures with natural deodorant continue.  Adidas Cotton Tech is still the clear winner, but it's freaking expensive, so I keep looking for another one that's just as effective but cheap.  I ordered a deodorant cream from Etsy that was highly recommended in a magazine.  It's made from all natural materials and essential oils, but evidently my armpits are sensitive to one of those ingredients because I ended up with red, itchy, irritated pits.  Totally uncomfortable!  I didn't notice it until I went to bed, and then thought, "Oh, that's weird."  By morning, it was worse.  I couldn't believe how irritated my poor little armpits were.  So then I couldn't put any deodorant on the next day because my pits were inflamed!

I created my own remedy out of Caroline's Butt Paste (I figured if it worked on diaper rash, it would work on armpit rash) and some baby powder, and that helped with the itching/burning and smelled pretty nice, too.  But I still spent a lot of time whining to David, "My pitters itch and hurt and stink!"

The pits have since recovered, and I'm sticking with the overpriced Adidas deodorant that has to be special-ordered from Amazon since it's evidently not sold in stores.  Because my armpits are totally high-maintenance.

2) Caroline had her first trip to Target today.  David went with us (at my request) and I quickly realized that of the two of them, Caro is a far better shopping companion.  She never asks how much things cost or whether we really "need" a particular item.  And if she's tired, she just falls peacefully asleep.  David, on the other hand, gets cranky at Target and has to be told to take a nap when we get home.  Next time it will just be a girls' trip and I might even buy a new shirt or something.

3) My friend Jamie and I met up yesterday to go to a nursing moms' group together and then out to lunch.  After lunch, she gave me an early birthday present, which included this book:

image from here
It made me cry in the best way.  So many people have celebrated Baby Caroline with us, but the best gift of all are those who let us know that they are remembering Eliza, too.  I don't want Caro to ever feel overshadowed by her sister, but I don't want Eliza to be forgotten either.  I want Caroline to grow up knowing that she has a sister we love and miss.  This book is perfect because it's another sweet way to talk about Eliza.

4) Speaking of lovely gifts, Caroline receive a mystery package in the mail the other day.  It was from an Etsy shop called Trafalger Square, which is where I ordered this print for Eliza's nursery:

A Jolly Read (available here)
The package included two more beautiful prints.  This one:

bunny and duck available here
and this one:

bunny catching falling stars available here
Aren't they darling?  

I absolutely love them and can't wait to find a spot for them in Caro's nursery (we're setting it up next week!), but the mysterious part was that there as no note or receipt included in the package, so I don't know who sent them!  I don't know if I should assume they were sent by the artist herself, or if they were a gift purchased by someone else.  I'd love to know whom to thank for them.  Whomever you are, THANK YOU!  The prints are beautiful and they make me smile.

5) I have tired of daytime television.  It's so inane.  And the local news is SO depressing.  I've started watching Veronica Mars again.  Best show EVER.  I'm watching Season 3 right now.  I still have a mad crush on Logan Echolls (he's just so moody and intense and so cute!) and I still want to be just like Veronica.  It's such a smart and interesting show.  I can't believe it got canceled after three seasons.  If you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor.  It's available on Netflix, but totally worth the purchase on DVD.


  1. Was Target Caroline's first public outing? It was Finn's too ... I guess that means they are supposed to get married. :)

  2. meganalisonsmith@hotmail.comJuly 20, 2012 at 11:23 PM

    Okay, when is your mom going back? I HAVE to get your gift to you and can't really mail it b/c it has glass and I don't want it to break. Hint, Hint: it's for the nursery that you are setting up next week!

  3. I've heard of people using rubbing alcohol instead of deodorant in case you're feeling adventurous.

  4. "my pitters". haha!

    I have a bunch of trafalgar square prints waiting to be framed and hung in our new nursery... If I ever get my shit together enough to go buy the paint/etc... bah. :/

  5. @Caroline. Haha. I love it. How cool would it be to have Brooke's daughter as your daughter-in-law? Hello smart and beautiful!

    @Amelia. That sounds utterly painful.

    About the deodorant. It's why I haven't tried it yet! Because $10 for something I wipe my pits with? I mean, really.

    I believe men are terrible about Target shopping. Don't they know it's the store without actual plans? You go in for one thing and will obviously need to go through all the new displays because it's Target and that's just what people do. And hello 70% off clearance. Yes, I will look. Glad Caro knows what's up.

  6. OMG - I am obsessed with the Veronia Mars reruns too! I DVR them and every day I come home and watch them and remember how much I love Logan. Season One is being replayed now and I'm just waiting waiting waiting for the episode where they have their first kiss!

  7. I think you should try the rubbing alcohol thing and let us know how that works out. :) Just be careful shaving!

    I LOVE the Eliza book, I'm sure it's perfect! And also those nursery prints!

  8. Butt paste fixes everything :)

    I really love that book your friend gave you. I hope the actual story is just as wonderful as the title.

  9. What a perfect book! And I agree about Target, my husband is a horrible Target companion.

  10. That book made me teary!

  11. Shut up! I LOVE Veronica Mars! A friend gave it to me when Harry was born, and I watched it all while nursing my newborn-- best show ever!

  12. Caroline: Owen has already called dibs and put a deposit on Caro's dowry. Sorry. ;)

    Love those prints. So sweet.

    A friend gave us a book called Otis, for Owen. I love it for the exact same reasons.


  13. I love the book and the prints. My hubby rushes me out the door as soon as we enter Target. Men! ;).

  14. Whoa - I am re-watching Veronica Mars, too!! So random to read this since I had posted about it on twitter and instagram yesterday.

    I am in Taiwan for work (this is my 3rd trip here since May) and I downloaded the 3 seasons on iTunes to keep me busy during my last trip which was 3 weeks. I will only let myself watch them when I am at my hotel in Taipei or on the flights to/from the US. I just got to Season 3 this past weekend.

    I haven't watched them since they first aired - so it's amazing to me how much I remember of it and how much I loved that show. I loved when Veronica and Logan interact, although in Season 3 he starts to be a bit of a jerk... again. I love that scene where he says their love was supposed to be epic - I just posted that quote on instagram earlier today since I saw that episode yesterday and looked up the quote on IMDB this morning!

    Anyway it's such a funny coincidence to read this since I am watching the same thing now to keep entertained, but for a totally different reason. Keep the baby and puppy photos coming!