Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's such an annoying cliche, but my brain really feels like it's severely limited in function these days.  I'm really hoping this issue resolves itself before long.  In the meantime, I'm answering questions instead of trying to string together ideas of my own...

Current Book(s) -- I'm not reading anything at the moment.  First time in my life?  I was reading three books a week in June and then...  well, everything changed in a good way, but my reading time got a severe hit.  I got about halfway through The Song of Achilles after Caroline was born, but then someone else requested it at the library and I couldn't renew it and I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it in two days so...  alas.  I need to get some books on the Kindle, because I think it would be easier to read one handed.  And extra hands are something I could use these days...

Current Playlist --  Lullabies, white noise, and Vivaldi's Four Seasons during awake time.  Also NPR, which Caroline finds very soothing.  Perhaps because she listened to so much of it in the womb during my commute?

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure -- Bunheads on ABC Family.  Whatevs.  It's great.

Current Color -- Pink.  What else?

Current Drink -- Sticking with the iced water with lemon.  I guzzle it.  I'm so thirsty these days.

Current Food -- In addition to be thirsty, I also be HUNGRY.  Like, ravenous.  I'm still eating a lot of my go-to pregnancy snacks:  trail mix, string cheese, granola bars.  But I'm also eating pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.  David's been great about doing the cooking (which is nothing new) and we're still eating lots of garden-goodness, including homemade salsa.  Nom.

Current Favorite Show -- Still with Veronica Mars.  But I also watched the first season of Episodes (which was on Showtime).  It's hysterical.

Current Wishlist -- I'm going with the superficial version of this answer:  Clothes that fit.  I'm cycling through the same three tank tops, stretchy capri pants, and elastic waist skirts.

Current Needs -- A laundry service.  See the limitation of three outfits, add bath towels, baby clothes, sheets, blankets, cloth diapers, David's work clothes and his gross work-out clothes.  Multiply times HOW THE HELL DO WE PRODUCE THIS MUCH LAUNDRY?

Current Triumphs -- We're cloth diapering!  This is day 2, so it's not like I can claim success.  But you've got to start sometime, right?

Current Bane of my Existence -- The non-existent storage at my house.  Somehow this very cute, perfectly lovely home was built WITHOUT a pantry or a coat closet or attic space or a basement.  When we had a spare bedroom, none of that mattered because we had enough space for the overflow of coats, off-season clothing, wrapping paper, and other miscellany.  Now that a certain Little Miss has moved into the guest room (yes, we've started putting together the nursery--more on that later) and brought an assload of clothing and accessories with her while at the same time eliminating the under-the-guest-bed-storage...  Well.  We need to find a home for all the stuff that she has displaced, and so far it's stacked in the dining room.  We are swimming in plastic storage containers and have nowhere to store them!  Ah, these are the problems to have.  Let me tell you.

Current Celebrity Crush -- Still with Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars.  Also, if you can have a crush on a couple, then I have a crush on Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.  Are you KIDDING me?  Most beautiful couple ever?

Current Indulgence -- My mother-in-law gave me birthday money when she visited the baby, and I hit Sephora when we stopped by the mall (so she could buy the baby a St. Louis Cardinals outfit).  Tarte make up is free of the yucky-stuff that I try to avoid, and cruelty-free, so it's my new favorite.  But it's pricey.  Hence the indulgence.
Current #1 Blessing --

Current Slang or Saying -- "You hung-ees?  Don't fuss!  Mama feed you!"  (I say this at least eight times a day.  I swear sometimes I talk not in hicksville baby talk.). 

Current Outfit -- Nursing tank (white) and yoga capris (black).  Evidently there's only room for one fashionista in this house, and she is currently rocking this outfit (thanks, Vicky!):

Current Excitement -- I bought a groupon to a drive in movie theater so we can see the new Batman movie!  Isn't that fun?  Fingers crossed that Caroline cooperates with our plan.  Now the challenge is staying up for a movie that starts at 9pm...

Current Mood -- Swinging.  Most of the time I feel pretty content.  Then I'm totally overwhelmed by the laundry and lack of storage issue.  Then I'm feeling teary-eyed because I'm SO lucky and my baby is SO gorgeous and amazing and brilliant.  Then I'm worried that she's not getting enough to eat  and these cloth diapers are so big that they are going to make her bow-legged for life and OMG I haven't looked at her for five minutes is she still breathing?  Then I'm totally offended because I swear David rolled his eyes at something I said.  Then I'm melting because there is nothing sweeter than seeing him holding Caro (see above for evidence of this).  Then I feel guilty because the dogs aren't getting enough attention (and they are not getting walked in this godforsaken heat).  Then I'm exhausted because I'm responsible for sustaining the life of another human being with nothing but my boobs and that kind of freaks me out.  And then I'm just feeling hungry.  


  1. Must comment to say one of my biggest post-pregnancy complaint was having no clothes that fit. It's very cute to have that problem while still pregnant. It's less cute after the baby is here. So... totally with you on stretchy capris everyday!

  2. Looks like you've got plenty of storage space in that curio cabinet behind your husband...

    I've never figured out the math on the ratio of human beings to laundry in our household either.

  3. She is sooooo cute!

    We have 2 extra rooms, er, now 1, come Oct. we will have no "spares", so I am running into the same "gotta get rid of crap" mode...but just wait till Caro starts ioutgrowing stuff that you don't necessarily want to get rid of- oy!

    I believe I warned you about STARVING. Eat up, you burn like a thousand calories a day just from nursing. Now is the time to bring on the doughnuts and ice cream!

    Love the picture of David and Caro!

    Where on earth is there a drive in theater anymore near STL? That is fantastic though!

    Fingers crossed the cloth diapering goes well for you guys. Cloth diapers are stll huge even as they get older, it was a pet peeve of mine that you had to size up in pants/bottoms for cd'ing.

  4. Hang in there. Your old clothes will start to fit again. :) Is there a new project soon of adding a new room onto the house? If anyone can do it you all can. Also, I want to hear how little mac and cooper are adjusting the little Miss Caroline.

  5. Dude, I still feel like I could eat a house! FOOD. Get in my belly. Pretty much what I think of whenever I put the little monster down. :)

  6. Is it bad that I'm still that hungry and no longer nursing??

  7. Gah -- I can't imagine not having a basement to stuff things into. :p (Not that the other spaces in my house aren't also stuffed with junk...) Particularly when you live right in Tornado Alley!!

    Anyway, this was a fun way to catch up on Life Chez Vous -- I may do my own version of this list -- I seem to be devoid of blogging inspiration or mojo lately. :p

  8. First of all she is SO freaking cute!!! I had to laugh at the hungry all the time comment, I swear I was eating more post baby while nursing then when I was pregnant. My appetite was insane!!!
    You definitely need to get a kindle, if you have an iphone download the kindle app too. I actually started reading more after Ian was born since I would read on the kindle whenever I was nursing him & still do!
    We also listen to NPR during the day.
    Love reading your updates and seeing those beautiful baby pics!

  9. Oh and I forgot to say woo-hoo on the cloth diapering! We also CD and are a little over a year into it so ask away if you have any questions.

  10. Love Bunheads, too! And love the pics. :)

  11. Oh, what David's doing looks so fun!

  12. love this post for many reasons, but I would love to see/hear what cloth diapers you are using and what your routine is...we have a small stash that we are going to try out before we invest in any more. She is so adorable!!

  13. I see you on current drinks/food and raise you on laundry. As in for 7 people. And 3 older kids who like to change outfits several times a day. Seriously.
    As to the kindle- I went back to the classics during this pregnancy- and OMG love. Can't get away from the genre now... and loving that they are free on the kindle- though I did just buy some beautiful hardcover cloth bound editions!!!