Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caro, Cooper, and Little Mac

A lot of people have asked us how the dogs are adjusting to having a new kid in town.

It's true that naptime has gone from this:

to this:

But Cooper seems to be handling things pretty well.  And Little Mac still wants to be left alone, which isn't a problem at this point.

I goez my own way
Amazingly, things have been a little easier than I expected because the dogs are totally NOT interested in the baby.  Coop was momentarily intrigued, but it was short lived.

Baybee doez not smell like chikn.
Little Mac has looked at her curiously when she squawks in her swing (which is a small travel swing, so it sits low to the floor), but now they both pretty much ignore her entirely.

I've felt a little sad when Cooper wants to join me in the recliner, but my lap is full of baby and bobby and boob time, but he settles right down in his bed next to the chair and seems perfectly content.  And sometimes he joins us:

I triez to snuggle, but the baybee in mah way!
The biggest hassle has been the level of obnoxiousness that the dogs have when it comes to visitors and delivery persons.  I love having people come over to meet the baby, but Cooper gets freaking INSANE.  He has always been annoying when people first come over--lots and lots of loud barking until everyone settles down and sits--but I swear he has amped it up in the last few weeks.  Little Mac joins him in the incessant barking and we've been tempting them outside on the deck with treats, but it's so freaking hot we can't leave them out there for long or Cooper is scratching the hell out of the back door.  So our guests have to deal with a hyperactive, incredibly loud puggle barking AND jumping.  The jumping up is a new thing and it is the WORST habit.  So that's aggravating.  I'm constantly apologizing for the dogs when we have people over.
Where iz the luv?
The other thing is that deliveries have been more frequent than usual in the past few weeks, and Cooper goes ballistic at the SOUND of the FedEx or UPS truck.  Even if the blinds are closed, he can HEAR the truck pulling up in front of our house, and he can tell the difference between a delivery truck and our neighbors' cars.  He goes completely bananas (which sets off Little Mac in a barking frenzy) until the package is dropped off and the delivery person leaves.  The mailman is a daily occurrence that also makes Cooper bark his head off (he does not CARE that the mailman is providing a public service and that we appreciate it).

Fortunately, Caroline sleeps through our dogs barking like it's white noise.  This had been a concern for me, but obviously she got used to it when she was still in my belly.  Wen my friend Jamie was over with her 7-week old baby, Nathan, Cooper's barking (at the mailman) made Nathan cry.  Caroline didn't even flinch.

I know Cooper probably is a bit starved for attention and exercise, but the only reason he's not getting walked is because the temperatures are still in the triple digits here.  Even if we didn't have a baby, I wouldn't be traipsing around the block with him in this weather.  As soon as it cools down, we'll be hitting the sidewalks with the stroller or the Ergo.

All this to say...  the dogs are as annoying as ever, but they seem to have accepted that their new sister is here to stay.  In fact, last night David and I were having a conversation about how sweet it is when all of the kids are asleep--Caroline's pack 'n play sits between the dog beds in our living room, so they all line up together for nap time.  It's pretty cute.

THEN I headed into the kitchen to refill my glass of water and stopped short in the dining room.  I let out a horrified gasp that made David ask what was wrong.

It wudn't me!
Little Mac had left a little "gift" on the floor of the DINING ROOM.  We are talking a HIGH TRAFFIC AREA.  She didn't even TRY to hide it.  

And this did NOT occur while we were gone.  When I picked it up to flush it, it was STILL WARM AND SQUISHY.  

This means that David and I had been sitting in the living room, and instead of scratching or barking at the door (which she is PERFECTLY CAPABLE) of doing, Little Mac just went into the next room (which is actually in VIEW of the living room) and took a shit.

wut?  u r cleaning up baby shit all the time, I just give you a bit extra.
She was probably glaring at us through the doorway when she did it.

So... maybe we're still adjusting.

WTF u mean that baybee iz here to stay?


  1. Ah, our cats did this when we started packing up the house to move. Well, just one cat. I could have killed her.

    I love your pet stories, too funny. Glad Caro isn't phased by the barking- G can sleep through vacuums like nobody's business... :)

  2. *laugh* Love the pictures!

    I'm still not sure that Widget (our younger cat, ~8) knows that we have a baby, even though it's been 8.5 months. But once she starts crawling after him...

    Our older cat, Slinky (~13.5), is pretty territorial and possessive; she still hasn't forgiven us for bringing Widget home almost 8 years ago. I was worried how she'd adapt to a baby. But she's been both opportunistic and patient. She's seized on the fact that I sit a lot more, and insists that if there's a lap, she have a part of it. (There's a few pictures where the sandwich goes keyboard - baby - cat - me - chair; there's also a few where she's got her hind parts on my lap and her front parts on Gwen's). But she also seeks out Gwen's waving hands and rubs against them, which delights Gwen, and is amazingly tolerant of having her fur and ears pulled. I never would've thought.

  3. My parents had a German shepherd when I was born. The dog paid no attention to physical me, but there were behavioral changes that showed he knew he was now second fiddle (poop, garbage tearing, etc.). But, my parents soon figured out that even though he was rebelling against new lack of attention, he was also in protect mode. When guests came in, he went off more than usual. If any guest tried to touch me, the dog got crazier. Maybe Little Mac and Cooper, sans shitting on floors episodes are doing the same.

    And it makes sense that she's used to the dogs. I don't think it takes much to acclimate to a sound, especially, like you said, she heard it regularly in utero (this is not going to turn into the virtues of how babies hear in the womb. But I will say that a strange, calming look takes over my son in EVERY situation when certain Miles Davis songs play. So there. Science).

  4. Enjoy the easy time! It is easy when they are itty bitty and immobile and sleep through dog barking. BUT it doesn't stay like this forever, fortunately and unfortunately, one of these days baby Caro is going to learn to crawl and walk. And she may LOVE the dogs, like want to sit on them, and "pet them", and all sorts of fun stuff...all the time. Seriously some mornings Luke wakes up on my chest and the first thing he does is point to Koda and say "that!" One of our dogs is really skittish and she's great about steering clear of Luke and the few times he's cornered her (I've been right there just wondering what she'd do), she HATES it, but tolerates him. Our husky and Luke have a love/hate relationship. (Mostly love on Luke's part, hate on Koda's part.) Luke has sat on him like a horse, Koda was not amused. Luke laughs when Koda growls. I can just imagine our dogs looks of horror when we bring home ANOTHER baby. Also Luke was oblivious to the dogs' barking for the first 3 or 4 months, now it wakes him up some of the time. I think they just stop sleeping so deeply or something. Maybe your dogs will adjust well when Caro starts moving around, maybe Caro won't pay as much attention to dogs as Luke does, or you may look back fondly on these days when they all got along! But I am really glad they are all getting along for now!

  5. One of my favorite things about bringing Finn home was Roscoes reaction ... Like he had known him for 9 months and was indifferent. And Finn slept through the barking so well as a newborn and I'm sure it's that he got used to it on the womb. I even read that - so it MUST be true.

    But now for naps there is a sign on my door that says "please do not ring bell. Dog will bark. Baby will wake up. Mom will cry."

    I love your dog tales. The captions make my day.

  6. Thanks for this most awaited post. Am glad that the dogs are getting used to the new boss. I think you are doing a right thing by not taking your dogies out for walk. Our lil guy got rashes in the under belly due to the heat, making us do double trips to the vet and spending hundreds of dollars! Save your self that headache! Oh! also, now we have to make him bath once in 2 days, and that is quite an evening project. Milo did something like what lil Mac did yesterday(too gross to describe actually) when we gave him a silent treatment as a punishment. Still wondering if it was an accident or intentional demand for attention. Cute pics. Love the one where you sharing your lap with cooper.

  7. Good to hear that your doggies are doing well with Caroline. Eleanor used to sleep through Abe's barking, but no more. Sigh. Now, when the delivery truck stops outside, I race through the house to find Abe, lunge at him, and roll him onto his back to keep him from barking. Poor dog. But naptime MUST NOT BE DISTURBED. It is sacred.

  8. Oswald left us a few treats of the solid and liquid variety when Owen came home. Oliver paced the halls in the middle of the night while baby cried. Owen was oblivious to the dogs' barking until he was about 4 months old.

    My thing was sleeping with Oswald in the bed and waking up half asleep and thinking it was Owen snuggled down under the covers and FREAKING OUT that I had fallen asleep with the baby in the bed and was about to suffocate him. One time I fell asleep on Oliver's dog bed with him because I was so tired and when Oliver started twitching in his sleep I freaked out because I thought I was squishing Owen.

    Ahh, dogs. Tell Little Mac to chill and stop leaving you presents.

    And yes, you are hilarious.


  9. Ha, you are too funny! Love the pictures. Our dogs are also crazy barkers when people come to the door and also bark like nuts when they see someone near our house on the street, glad to know we're not the only ones with silly pups!

  10. Our dog, Lord Baron Von Furstenburg (I shit you not) luvs kids. But seriously- the fedex/ups barking thing drives me insane!!! Totally the root of half of my screaming fits! Ha ha!

  11. Your picture captions make laugh till I cry but "Baybee doez not smell like chikn." took the cake. Oh lawd that if funny. In a messed up 'my dog ate our pet chicken' kind of way. Which I appreciate.

    I hope they continue to accept her as one of the pack. :)

  12. So funny! Sounds like Little Mac doesn't have any trouble communicating his opinions...

  13. The Bear also ignored Henry and would run if we brought Henry near him at first. We knew he had accepted Henry as one of the pack when he started howling when Henry cried. It's totally cute, kind of like "hey, take care of the baby! He needs something!" He did the same thing with Margo - didn't start howling until she was around 3 months.

    Both kids could sleep through barking as babies. Henry started getting woken up from naps by barking sometime after a year. I considered putting a sign by our doorbell that said "If you wake up my toddler, I will let the dog bite you" but never got the nerve to do it.

  14. Haha, oh man. Love the image of them all lined up for nap time. It does sound like they are still adjusting. But they're so cute!

  15. Daddy and daughter photos. Get me every time.


  16. Your dog photos (& especially the captions) kill me every time. ; )

    I've heard many parents say their toddlers regress with their toilet training when the new baby comes home; I guess it works the same way with pets...!