Wednesday, July 18, 2012

8 Years, 1 Week, 1 Day, Still Married

We got married eight years and one week and one day ago.

Which means we've stayed married eight years and one week.

(Staying married is actually much harder than getting married, if you were wondering.  Also your parents don't pay for it, and you have to buy your own booze.)

On our anniversary (July 10th), David and I actually left the baby with my mom and went out to dinner, just the two of us.

And we talked about the baby the whole time.

We had planned to go to one of our favorite restaurants downtown (locals:  it's Bridge) and I was actually going to have a small glass of wine, but then I freaked out and decided the ten-minute drive downtown was "too far."  So we went to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants instead (locals: it's Onesto).  Not as fancy (we ordered pizza) or special-occasion (we go to Onesto pretty frequently) but I just wasn't ready to be that far from the baby!  And since it took less than an hour, we decided to get Ted Drewes for dessert.

It was not lost on us for a moment that we thought we'd have an eighteen-month-old baby by the time we'd been married eight years.  Our master plan for our lives has been seriously rewritten, and I still don't understand why things didn't work out for us.  I had some real moments of sadness throughout the day, reflecting on how different our family is than how I expected it to be, how so much of our lives has gone perfectly according to plan, and how so much of it has not.  I thought a lot about how good things are, and how good things should have been.  I loved on Carol, but I really missed our sweet Eliza, and I got teary-eyed at dinner when we talked about her.

But of course, it was not lost on us that we were so freaking lucky to have a 12-day-old baby waiting for us at home this year.

I enjoyed our dinner and adult conversation that occurred without a small human sucking on my boob, even if the conversation was mostly about the small human who sucks on my boob.  It was nice to have a little bit of time with just the two of us, and the sips I took of David's sangria were heavenly.

But taking the time to pose for our annual anniversary photo was probably the best moment of the whole day.

And, yeah.  We're still in it to win it.  Here's to staying married.

(For all our previous anniversary pictures, you can click here.)

After we'd gotten ready for bed, I was holding Caroline when she made an amazing discovery:  her thumb!

This tastes AMAZING!
She latched on to that thing and slurped away at it for a few minutes.  It's a tricky little bugger, though--she hasn't been able to find it again since that day, although she keeps trying!  A for effort.  Her fist and pointer finger frequently make their way into her mouth, but she hasn't had the same delighted reaction.  

The possibility of future orthodontic work and a germ phobia both have me hoping she won't be a thumb sucker (mommy wasn't, daddy was), but it was still one of the cutest things I've ever seen.


  1. Eight whole years. Happy anniversary. And twelve whole days. Wow.

  2. I love the idea of taking a photo on every anniversary! Congrats to you guys!

  3. Happy Anniversary! In it to win it indeed!! I am so glad you had a nice night to celebrate you!

  4. Congrats. And from the mother of one thumb sucker to (possibly another) - don't sweat it. The germs will come anyway. And it is so impossibly cute.

    Not sure how true this is, but both pediatrician and dentist said thumb sucking's really not that big a deal. F does it when she's really sleepy, and only then. She never walks around with her thumb in her mouth, and it falls out as soon as she goes to sleep. It's a real comfort thing, and can't get lost or fall out like a pacifier.

  5. My sister was the only one of us kids growing up to suck her thumb and the only one who didn't need braces. Biyatch.

    Love the previous pictures. But seriously - Wine tasting in Oregon? Italy? England? South Korea?!!
    My first Anniversary was in Afghanistan. Miles was in a firefight that day and so commo was down and we didn't get to talk. Ahhh, romance. . .

    Happy Anniversary to you two and happy many more

  6. Wow, congratulations! I love that photo of you guys. (Oh, another hazard of early thumb-sucking: baby pokin him/herself in the eye. Or maybe that's just my nephew...)

  7. Happy anniversary!
    I try my hardest to talk about things other than G when we are out together, but it rarely works. She's a fantastic topic of conversation. :)

  8. Happy anniversary!

  9. Great work on getting out of the house! Not sure we managed that til Angus was about two and a bit months old, which was coincidentally also our anniversary. Which brings me to..... happy anniversary! What an adorable couple you are, and what incredibly beautiful babies you make.

  10. Happy anniversary! Love the annual photo tradition -- wish we had done that. Although I have quite a few from the past few years -- thank goodness for self-timers & digital photography. ; )

    On the one hand, finding her thumb means you'll never have to worry about misplaced pacifiers. On the other hand, you won't be able to just conveniently "lose" her thumb when you've decided the time has come to make the transition. Oh well, you'll figure something out. ; ) Meantime -- it IS cute!! ; )

  11. Happy anniversary! I love all the pictures.

    I totally get being too far away from baby. :)

    Kai was never a thumb sucker nor did he take a pacifier but I have about 5 pictures of him sucking his thumb like Caro did and I think they are SO adorable.


  12. Happy Anniversary. In it to win it, indeed. xoxo

  13. For the record, duck is a small human. Just sayin.


  14. Happy anniversary! Impressive that you both left the house already!

  15. Happy belated anniversary! You look way too fantastic (and well-rested) for having a newborn! And I am very impressed you left Carol with your mom, Luke came with us last anniversary (and he was 7 months old by then!)

    I was a big paci pusher with Luke and would give him one every time he tried to suck his thumb (which he did A LOT in utero at least). Win-win, he quit paci's around 8 months on his own (would take it out of his mouth and THROW IT,), and didn't suck his thumb.

  16. Amen to eight years! And to all of those great pictures from the previous seven.

  17. Congrats on 8 years! (We just celebrated 3 years this week :))

  18. Happy Anniversary!!! LOVE that picture of your family, Caroline is such a beautiful baby! Here's to happy days my friend and a marriage that has truly seen you through the best & worst of times!

  19. "Staying married is actually much harder than getting married, if you were wondering. Also your parents don't pay for it, and you have to buy your own booze" Amen sister!

    We also take a yearly picture! We have it taken in the same place where we said our vows. It's a wonderful tradition if I do say so myself! Ididn't think about how we could take one with M this year! Will make it the best one yet!

    Congratulations to you and David. This is an accomplishment!

  20. I was out of town when Caroline was born, so I hope it's okay to say Congratulations on your beautiful daughter at the same time I say Happy Anniversary! Luckily, they kinda go together.

    I have LOVED your posts about Caroline, and I can definitely still feel all your love for Eliza in them. It sounds like motherhood just fits you.