Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Op: Second Edition

The photo challenge (also known as "Use the new camera already") is back!  Here are pictures that David and I have taken with the Canon t2i to meet the 30 Day Photo Challenge (yes, we've fallen a little behind, but we're still plugging away!).

[Side note:  David did take the photo of me at the park that I posted at the bottom of the Where I Am Now post--I have always given him a hard time about his photo taking skills, but he's really doing a great job with his new toy!]

We are still following the 30 Day Photo Challenge:  Gratitude.  So here are Days 8-16.

Day 8:  Favorite Color

Couldn't decide between pink...

or blue...

Both gorgeous, don't you think?  

Day 9:  Inspiring Person

I found this picture in a magazine (an old issue of Real Simple) and decided to frame it and put it up on my bookshelves.  I've long admired Jackie Kennedy for her style and poise, and I find her especially inspiring after reading more about her life.  

Day 10:  Nature

David took this picture of a cardinal when we were at Blanchette Park.  As I mentioned before, cardinals always make us think of David's grandpa, so it seemed really appropriate that there was one watching over us as we visited Eliza's memorial brick and left flowers at the Angel of Hope statue.  He used our zoom lens, but this guy was pretty far away.  Still, I think he did a good job of getting the red to pop against the green leaves.

This nest fell from the dogwood tree in front of our house, which made me sad, even though it's probably those obnoxious black birds that do all the squawking around our yard.  Still, there's something upsetting about a nest made with care (although maybe not THAT much care, since it did fall out of a tree) and little egg that won't get to hatch.

Day 11:  Something Old

This rocking chair was a gift at my family baby shower for Eliza.  It originally belonged to my great-great-grandma, whom we all called Little Grandma (she was very petite).  My Aunt Tammi and Uncle Roger sanded and stained it for me, and it's the sweetest little rocking chair (it really is small--like Little-Grandma-size).  There's a story about Little Grandma babysitting my dad when he was a baby, and how she would sit by his crib and watch him sleep.  We kind of laughed at the story--an example of how much she adored and favored my dad, but I think now that Little Grandma probably knew her share of stories of people who lost babies when they were sleeping.  Scary.  She didn't have a Snuza monitor, so she took over the monitor job herself.  Maybe while rocking in this very chair...

Day 12:  Hands

David suggested the pose for the picture and I humored him even though I think it's kinda cheesy and also my hands don't make a very good heart shape (maybe because my thumbs are double-jointed?).  Also you can see how my belly button is a half-outie at the moment, which I think is sort of embarrassing.  Not to mention how veiny my hands are!  Hello, blood volume increase.  This was taken the weekend that I hit 34 weeks.  (Side note:  I am not swollen!  My rings still fit.  Also, no stretch marks yet...  But there's still time.)

Day 13:  Written Words

David's best buddies from college and their lovely wives visited us over Memorial Weekend.  My shopping list on the fridge was already slightly bizarre, with "laundry balls" at the top (You know, those spiny rubber balls that you put in the dryer instead of dryer sheets?  We had a pair, but one of them split in half, so I need to pick up a couple more.)  One of the guys helpfully added another item to the list.  I probably WON'T be picking that up at the grocery store, thank you very much.

Day 14:  Movement

These are from the set of pictures I took before (other photos from that series were published under "favorite athlete" and "happiness," but they are the best movement snapshots that I've taken.  There's something funny to me about the way David and Cooper both have their legs up in the air in these pictures.

Day 15:  Technology

This topic seemed boring to me (and I couldn't get a good shot of David watching a ball game on TV, while watching a ball game on the iPod, while watching a ball game on the iPhone--but that seriously does happen at our house), so I just snapped a pick of my iPhone on our kitchen counter.  I can't remember exactly when we got these phones...  February?  It was fairly recently.  But I really can't remember how I ever lived without one before.  Siri totally spoils me.  Now I want my mom to get one so she can have face-to-face time with the Deuce.

Day 16:  Animals

Of course I couldn't pass up another opportunity to photograph the chickens.  After Dixie's unfortunate demise, David came home with one more baby chick.  She is supposed to be a Rhode Island Red, just like her sister-chicks Wynona and Loretta, but as you can see, she has a very blonde breast.  Naturally, we named her Dolly (The blonde with the breast, get it?  We think we're really funny.).  She's about a week younger than the other two, so she's quite a bit smaller and still fuzzy where they are getting some feathers.  Loretta is in the back corner, and Wynona is up front, still sassy as ever.  I was a little nervous about introducing a new chick to Loretta and Wynona, but they all seem to be getting along just fine.

There you have it!  Photo Op: Second Edition, and a little glimpse into what's going on around here.


  1. Wonderful pics.. However, the nest with the egg tops the list with the added verbiage. Made me cry though. Yet, its the best.

  2. When my brother-in-law was killed, my mother-in-law shared with me a story from a time he was visiting them. She said she woke up and found Daren staring out the window to a tree FULL of red cardinals. He turned and smiled and said that he had never seen so many. She told me they just sat there, ate their breakfast, and enjoyed the sight of all these pretty birds.

    And now she said every time she sees one she thinks of him. I love seeing one and knowing that they are a happy reminder for my MIL of her son and a happy memory with him.

    Now I will look and think that they are a happy bird for another family, missing, and thinking fondly of a wonderful man.

    PS - solid choice on the white iPhone.

  3. Um, did you say no stretch marks?? I thought women without stretch marks was a lie perpetuated by the gossip magazines of the world, aided and abetted by celebrity photo airbrushing. Good for you! (I'd be willing to share some of mine...)

  4. These are turning out so cute! I just got a new camera and plan on starting this challenge tomorrow!


  5. LOVE the heart/finger/belly photo. Cute. :)
    No stretch marks, huh? I have them everywhere. It's Super hot, just as I imagine you've heard. hahah.

  6. I see nakie belly!

    Stretch marks suck. Never had them with Andrew but developed them in my 36th week with B.

    You speak about David with such high regard. It's so beautiful. Love ready about happy marriages.

  7. Sorry about the tube steak thing. You can never leave your grocery lists out around Dennis, you never know what will end up on there. That wasn't the worst one I've seen :)