Friday, March 16, 2012

A Few Updates

* I had a 24-week ultrasound on Monday.  My parents were in town, so they came along and were able to sneak a peek at the Deuce, who looked as adorable as usual.  Measurements were right on target, even for a freakazoid paranoid neurotic like me, so there were no screaming melt downs.

It helped that we had a very chatty technician who had OBVIOUSLY taken the time to read my chart ahead of time and was so nice to us.  (I filled out a complimentary comment card about her because David and I both loved her so much.)  Also the doctor was great and he even signed off on scan of my cervix (that my OB told me he would order but evidently did not) because I was paranoid about it for no good reason except I JUST WAS.  I mean, what if this was the one thing I overlooked this time, you know?

At the end of it all, they gave me a print out of all baby's numbers and measurements, which made me immeasurably happy because PAPERWORK!  It makes me feel like I am in control of something!  I could stare at all the numbers to my heart's content.  The baby was measuring very nicely and overall growth was in the 49th percentile, which makes me very happy.  Head growth was slightly ahead compared to abdomen, (a couple of days) but nothing to be concerned about.  In fact, one of the doctors said that's because of the baby's big brain (of course, by "one of the doctors," I mean the pregnant girl with a PhD looking at her own baby on the screen).

* Eliza's tree at our house is blooming big time.  It's all pink and gorgeous and it's the prettiest thing on our whole block and I see her trees all over town now and sometimes I let myself imagine teaching the Deuce to identify them as Eliza's trees and it makes me all bittersweetly happy.

Eliza's tree

pink blossoms and blue sky
I'm so appreciative every time someone mentions that they saw a magnolia tree that made them think of Eliza.  In fact, I got an e-mail this morning from my favorite elementary school teacher saying that very thing.  Fills up my heart, you know?

* I'm teaching a Modern Fiction class this semester, and I assigned a short but gorgeous little novel called The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West.  I read this in grad school and loved it.  It's about a soldier who is injured in WWI and suffers from amnesia.  I don't want to give any plot spoilers away, but it just so happens that this soldier and his wife also had a baby boy who died (you find that out in the opening chapter).  Somehow THAT point resonates with me a little differently these days...  Anyway, it's a heartbreaking story that's beautifully written, and although this particular passage is not about the loss of a child, it's about grief, and it reminded me of those awful, early days:

Indeed grief is not the clear melancholy the young believe it is.  It is like a siege in a tropical city.  The skin dries and the throat parches as though one were living in the heat of the desert; water and wine taste warm in the mouth and food is of the substance of the sand; one snarls at one's company; thoughts prick one through sleep like mosquitoes...

* The weather is bizarrely warm here for March.  It's been around 80 all week long.  I do not have the maternity clothes for this.  I do not want to buy them.

* I downloaded a kick count app on my phone.  My doctor told me that we don't start kick counts until 28 weeks, but THIS doctor (by which I mean myself) says it's fine to start at 24 weeks.  Whatever keeps my crazy at a minimum, you know?

* One week until Spring Break.  I have an article I need to revise oh who am I kidding write over break, but I also plan to paint my front door and sew some curtains for a friend.  And then?  5 weeks until the semester is over.  I'm looking forward to finishing my first official year as a professor (9 month contract means summers off!  Woot!), but I'm also anxious about the end of the semester.  My timeline for this pregnancy is eerily similar to Eliza's, but 6 months off.  By which I mean, I had Eliza the week after classes ended in the fall of 2010, when I was 34 weeks pregnant.  When classes end this spring semester, I'll be 32 weeks along.  It's NOT the same, but it's still scary.  At least this time I'll have biweekly monitoring and (hopefully) lots of reassurance that the Deuce is doing exactly what he/she should be doing.

* I made David play this word game last night:
say:  eye
spell:  map
say:  ness

He did it twice.  TWICE.  Before he realized what he was saying and looked at me in disgust.  I laughed so hard I cried.  Then he told me that if I were a student at his school, I'd get in-school suspension for that kind of thing.  Which made me laugh more.  As my brother said, elementary school principals evidently don't appreciate anatomical hilarity.  English professors evidently do.

* I now have a shopping list specifically for deodorants that I want to try.  I've tried Toms before and didn't feel like it worked well for me, but I haven't specifically tried the lavender or powder scents, so maybe I'll give it another go.  I'm also very interested in the Adidas that so many of you recommended, so it's in my Amazon cart at the moment.  Oh interwebz, who knew I would have so much to say about my armpit sweat/stink?

* Dairy Queen is still offering buy one blizzard get one for 99 cents.  They are not paying me to say that.  It's more of a public service announcement.  You're welcome.


  1. I miss blizzards. Especially nerds blizzards.

  2. I love your word game! Trivia night is going to be so much fun!

    Uh, you might want to get some warmish maternity clothes, considering you are due in July and all...but I am pretty disgusted about having to turn the AC on in MARCH. So I do feel your pain.

    I started kick counts at 24 weeks, too. I kept a written record of them, twice a day. They do get much more active/easier in a few more weeks, though.

    So so glad that The Deuce measured on track! Which doctor did you see? And it never even occurred to me to have them check my cervical length! (But I was all over them about the bloodflow studies...which you could ask about if you haven't already had one!)

    I see Eliza's tree all over and love it!

    Maybe we will have to get lunch sometime soon if you can squeeze us in to your busy spring break plans!

  3. I wish I were closer. You could totally borrow my summer maternity wardrobe. Love the game. Can't wait to try it with Andy. ha ha!

  4. BLIZZARDS! Ha ha... and the penis thing.. hysterical!
    Love the baby update!!!!

  5. I love your immaturity. I laughed out loud at work. I might try that on my husband. Hah!

    Are you all finding out baby's sex? Did you already and I missed that??

  6. your word game was freaking funny! I like telling some people that are having technical issues that there is an "eye dee ten tee" problem with the computer's user.... and get them to write it down. They usually don't get it until then.....
    (ID10T) LOL

  7. I've been seeing Eliza's trees in our neighborhood and thinking of you. It's nice to start the weekend hearing about the Deuce's good measurements!

    We went to DQ earlier in the week and they were out of all the good stuff for blizzards - no oreos, no M&Ms, no reece's, no cookie dough, no butterfingers (also out of pineapple, but I didn't care). I might have pouted.

  8. One of the doctors- hahahaha-- love it!

  9. God, Eliza's tree is stunning. We are just getting buds around here, but the crazy weather is right with you. 70s all week. Nutty. I think penis is a hilarious thing to call someone. I don't know why. Maybe because I am 12. Keep on keeping on, sister. Kick counts at 24 weeks sounds good. There is a kick count app? Wow. I had Thor in 2010, and it feels like technologically that was decades ago. Sending love, as always.

  10. I like all of your updates, especially that baby looks good and of course, the blizzards!!

    I also got caught off guard by the hot weather. I had to turn my air conditioning on! I will definitely need some new maternity clothes if this keeps up!

  11. -Love that your parents got to see the baby and that you had a good US tech!
    -Eliza's tree is so beautful, just like her! Thanks again for posting that sketch of her!
    -Your word game is totally up my alley humor wise...I may be playing this with Brian later haha
    -As far as the DQ buy one get one for 99 cents...I've already taken advantage of that...twice!

  12. I just called myself a penis three times before figuring that one out.

    Not too early to start teaching the Deuce about Eliza's tree :)

  13. I'm glad your appt went well! :)

    funny joke. am going to try that on my husband!

    Eliza's trees are beautiful - a very fitting tribute.

    Try Mitchum's deodorant, if you haven't already. It worked for me when nothing else would.

  14. That tree is amazing. I bet it smess good too. I have always love "tulip" trees but now know the true name. BUT I can not look at one now without thinking of Eliza and you. I think that is really cool. When Camille died, two different people gave us Camillia plants, which I love, we already had one in our garden, they are beautiful if you snip a bloom and float it in water. I love that there is a physical representation of our daughters.

    So glad everything is going smoothly and your parents got to see the Deuce...

  15. Love the "one of the doctors" stuff! I'm so glad you had a better experience with this ultrasound!

    Can you wear the skirt you made? The one with the elastic band? If you left out the pockets you could have a bunch of summer maternity clothes in a single afternoon!