Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ms. B Returns!

Ms. B has not gone away entirely (not with so much advice to dispense!  people to boss around!  disagreeable comments that make her feel enraged!), but today she wanted to share with you a link to another advice column of sorts.

Julie, mama to Bear, has recently started a blog, dedicated in part to the memory of her sweet son Bear, who was born and died in May of last year.  Last month, she wrote a post about an advice column that ran in Good Housekeeping.  The question posed was on how best to handle the news of a co-worker's miscarriage, and the advice offered was so misguided that Julie felt compelled to write in and correct columnist Peggy Post.

Lo and behold, Good Housekeeping retracted their advice and agreed with Julie!  (No word on whether they offered her Peggy's job.)

At any rate, Ms. B wholeheartedly agrees with Julie's advice and could not have said it better herself.  Please take a moment to read her post here.

Ms. B would also like to add that loss and grief are tricky issues to handle, especially in a professional workplace.  But no matter how intimately you know someone, it seems like it should be obvious that kindness (not avoidance) is always the best choice.


  1. The advice she gave is spot-on. I'm so glad it was acknowledged as such.

  2. Yep! I am so glad they responded. I think the most important thing is acknowledging the loss. Nothing else matters if it isn't first acknowledged!

  3. Good on her for calling them on that! And good on Ms. Post for responding and acknowledging the problem.