Friday, February 3, 2012

February Lovin'

It's Valentine's month, and however you feel about a Hallmark holiday apparently intended to ostracize and humiliate people who haven't coupled off, while at the same time making people who have coupled off feel obligated to spend money on material things like flowers and jewelry that encourage the exploitation of human laborers and consume a vast number of fossil fuels when they are imported from around the globe, February is also a month for lovin'.

So here are some things I am loving this month:

* The 22-ounce Starbuck cup.  I got this idea from Keleen, and I am obsessed with this thing.  I left mine at my parents' after visiting them for the weekend, so I had to buy another one to get me through.  Since then, my mom has returned it to me and now I delight in having two of them.  I fill one up every morning before I leave the house, I fill it up again at lunch, and I try to drink a third refill at dinner time.

 (I also pee every thirty minutes or so, which is awesome.)

* Ryan Gosling.  Marky-Mark will always make my heart go pitter-patter, but Ryan Gosling has totally charmed me.  And by "charmed," I mean I love his slim fitting suits and his airbrushed abs.  Netflix just sent Drive our way and I've never been so excited to see a movie full of car chases.  I also like the way he frequently shows up on Pinterest saying things like this:

Makes you hungry for Skittles, doesn't he?

* Tums.  This really needs no explanation.  I don't want to go anywhere without a bucket of these.

* Craigslist.  I just scored a mini-fridge for my office (David picked it up yesterday) and I'm getting ready to list our GORGEOUS PLAID COUCHES

See the GORGEOUS PLAID?  It could be yours!  Not for sale:  husband and puggle.
So if you're in the St. Louis metro area and you want two GORGEOUS PLAID COUCHES, just let me know.  I can give you a really good deal.  Cash only.  No delivery.  (Not to worry--I'll throw in the cream-colored Pottery Barn slipcovers, pictured here, for free!).  Yes, yes.  We're biting the bullet on new living room furniture (after years of trying to convince David this is a good idea, he's suddenly all in--mostly because it looks like this purchase is going to include a recliner... aesthetically, I am adamantly opposed, but DAMN those things are comfortable).

* The Iliad.  I'm such a nerd, but I freaking love the Greek and Trojan war, the way the gods and goddesses take sides, the fact that it's all about arrogant men bickering over beautiful women.  I love teaching it and I love seeing my students get interested in it.  It's so good.  (And yes, I will show my class a little bit of the movie Troy.  It's not exactly accurate to the plot, but oh, the eye candy.  Even without Ryan Gosling or Mark Wahlberg, it's totally worth 20 to 30 minutes of class time.)

* Purple gel pens (as pictured in the Starbucks cup picture).  I've decided that purple is going to be my signature grading color this semester.  It's friendlier than red, jazzier than black, cuter than blue.  I bought two purple gel pens and it's almost enough to make me look forward to marking freshmen essays.  Almost.

* Scarves.  I've been a fan of scarves ever since we went to Paris in 2009 and every chic European woman was wearing one.  Now I love the fact that they help disguise the belly (no conversations with strangers!), that they offer a little variety in my nothing-fits-and-I-don't-want-to-shop-for-maternity-clothes wardrobe, and that they make me feel like I look pulled together and somewhat competent even when I feel like I'm spinning in circles.  I especially am into circle scarves these days.  I'm digging this one, currently for sale at (no, they did not pay me to say that):

So that's my February Love-List.  I'm always looking to expand it, so tell me what you're loving these days.


  1. i've got the iliad on my list of books to read. i hope i love it as much as you. :) o, and i feel you on the tums. i was popping those things like tic tacs.

  2. Ryan Gosling is part of the reason why I watched "Crazy, Stupid Love" no less than four times on the flights there and back for Christmas last year.

    And he's not even my type!

  3. My husband really wanted a black leather recliner. I wanted something that wasn't going to take over our tiny house. I also wanted a place to rock my babies.

    We compromised on this:

    It is amazing!! (And here's hoping it gets to serve its purpose one day)

  4. Hi Brooke...I am fairly new to your blog...but I wanted to comment on the purple gel pens. Have you ever used Frixion Erasable Gel Pens. Best pens ever...and they do erase very well (the hear of the friction erases the ink..hence the name). I am in no way associate with the company, but I just happened to be using them today and thought I'd mention!!!

    Happy Friday!

  5. I love YOU this February! I love that through all this mess and the tears and the heartache, I got to connect with someone who knows what I am going through, and who is also in LUUUUURVE with Ryan Gosling! Talk about a silver lining!

    In addition to you and RyGos, this Feb I am also loving Breaking Bad (just started watching on Netflix), Mila (chia seed mix for those who don't know, which has been continuing to make me feel FAB this pregnancy. No Tums for me so far...), my NukNuk slippers that I got at Costco, my thermos that keeps my water HOT so there is toasty water to drink all day, and the fact that my little son just started Ski School today!!!

    Love and hugs to you and the Deuce, and love to Eliza...


  6. Lol...saw the the picture of "THE cup" and thought about how much I love it! It really is the best isn't it?!? I have 4...two large, two small...they go everywhere with me. Strange to love a cup so much, but glad you love it too!

  7. I got a cup similar to the Starbucks one for Christmas and was loving it. I took it to work, took it to zumba, around the get the picture. Then one night I bent over and caught the straw just right and it snapped. Grrr....
    We are also getting ready to get new furniture! (Yay for tax return money). Our floral and plaid couch combo in our basement has outstayed it's welcome. Like you, I've been trying to talk Andy into getting rid of it for years now. It's now 13 years old, (it was a hand me down from my sister and brother in law for my college apartment) and it has now been puked, pooped, & spit up on by both children. The ottoman to the chair also has a rip now that is ateast 16 inches long and the batting and foam is coming out. Also, my 3 year old fell asleep on just that part the other day and peed on it. So basically it's done for. We are moving our nice(er) furniture from upstairs down to the basement and getting a new sectional upstairs! I've been wanting one forever. And a coordinating glider/recliner...which will really come in handy with Hudson. But of course, now Andy thinks he needs a new tv for upstairs and the downstairs furniture just isn't comfortable enough! I will agree with him, however, that the huge, ugly, disgusting downstairs furniture is the most comfortable furniture you will ever sit on. Oh, and he's trying to talk me into a recliner too.
    This February I am loving my new Kindle Fire that I got for Christmas. It's great for reading, easier than dragging the laptop around the house (like that's so hard, right?) and I've found a ton of great apps for Aidan to play. Of course, his favorite is Angry Birds.
    I also love Ryan Gosling (but really, who doesn't?) and LOVED Crazy, Stupid, Love. Ides of March was pretty good too. It helped that him AND George Clooney both graced the screen. And I also love infinity scarves, but don't own one(yet). Oh,and I'm also loving my new Nine West camel colored riding boots.
    I'm also with Love's Mom...I'm loving YOU this February too. I can sense through this post that you are a little more upbeat, and that's always a good thing. :)
    Happy February!

  8. I love skittles and RG. Be warned Drive is mega-violent- Tarintino (sp?)-styles. I didn't expect it.

    Glad you're drinking so much water (I gotta get better at it). Glad to hear you're peeing like a fiend, too! ha!

  9. Oh dear god the abs. I have a post coming up that features Ryan Gosling, someone I was not aware I needed to be crushing on until recently. Troy, ahhh, Troy. Could be watched on mute, because really? The story isn't important so long as everyone with zero percent body fat walks around wearing sheets.
    May I recommend, without getting ahead of myself in the egg hatching department, getting something that cleans easily for the furniture. Baby puke stains. As does poop. I'm sure you knew this of course, but it's amazing how quickly one's furniture looks like crap because micro suede is not very wipeable.

  10. I was disappointed to find that the Ryan Gosling tumblr for your discipline doesn't seem as fully realized as the one for mine. I don't get all of them, but the ones I do get (Austen, Faulkner) are not as good as the jokes about Bonferroni corrections.

  11. Heh heh heh...years ago, the executives at the bank I work for established a system of coloured pencils. Each exec had a different colour, so that you could instantly tell just by looking at the scribblings on a document who had seen/commented on/approved it. My teammates & I thought this was hilarious, and since we marked up a lot of documents in proofreading & editing, we decided we'd each have our own colour too. Guess which colour I got? Don't remember how I wound up with purple, but anyway, I still use my purple pen for editing, and am, in fact, known by some in the office as "The Purple Pen."

    As for Ryan Gosling... I wasn't quite sure what all the fuss was about... until I saw "Crazy Stupid Love" and then "The Ides of March." And the guy can act, too. ; ) (I won't think about the fact that I'm probably old enough to be his mother... :p)

  12. Half Nelson was an unbelievable film as well, showcasing Gosling's acting ability. The movie is pretty damn good too.

    Drive was my favorite movie of the year. I can't believe it didn't get nominated...probably because the director, producers and executives didn't whore themselves out for Oscar votes (as Clooney once said, describing the process).

    ANYWAY. Nice list. :)

  13. Mmmmmm Ryan Gosling.

    We need new couches, please can you come to California and deliver? Anything would be better than our extra large dog bed sofas.

    I had another thing to add and I've already forgotten what it was. Geez.


  14. Oh my, just a few of my favorite things. ;)

    Brad Pitt in Troy so worth watching the movie just for the eye candy.

    Love the classics. Greece in all its literature glory.

    Purple gel pens, I so wish my professors had used these. Would make the marks seem less harsh, I think?

    Two doctors, I haven't had to go that route but a second person on my team would be great. Maybe I should consider some options.

    Right now I am just layering on the baby oil when I get out of the shower prior to drying off. I use the kind that is unscented and is really just mineral oil. I need to look it up and make sure it has no side effects to worry about.

    I keep saying if, if, if... if this baby lives. If we make it to the end. What else can we do, it all about the if at this point.

    I only talk to my husband about this baby. I don't want people to be excited in real life. I can't stand the idea of anyone thinking we are healed and happy now.

    Ryan Gosling and 90s rock, need I say more??

    What great ways you have found to stay distracted.

  15. I'm loving our mild weather this winter! We had one small snow that was pretty and as far as I'm concerned, that's enough this winter. I know we won't be that lucky but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Still cool enough at night to have a fire in the fireplace but some days are warm enough for only a light jacket. Oh, and I'm loving getting fresh eggs every day from our urban chickens!

  16. Dunno how I missed this but send me your pinterest name (damn you!) so I can waste more time not memorizing what the different epithilial cells frickin look like.

    LOVE the Iliad and Troy! When I was at Mizzou, I took a class where we spent the entire semester reading The Iliad and The Odyssey. The professor was really good.

    If you haven't already got the new furniture, make sure you get a recliner that rocks. This is a baby must have, IMO, as Luke and I have spent about 5 gazillion hrs in ours. (Right now, actually, he's asleep on my right arm and arm of the chair.)