Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter (Break)

Last winter was the snowiest one that I can remember.  Which was fine with me.  It was freezing and cold and I didn't want to be outside anyway.  I didn't want to be anywhere but under a blanket on my sofa.  I ended up teaching part time, two hours a day, three times a week, a class I'd taught several times before, and it was just the right amount of something to do and nothing too difficult to manage.  I canceled class twice because of snow.  David had several snow days, and I was so grateful to have him home with me.  We hibernated and cried and watched more television than I would have thought humanly possible.  It was a long, cold winter of my discontent.  The snows came early (before Eliza's birthday) and they stayed late (all the way through March, eliminating the blooms on her tree).

Now it's January and we've seen no snow so far.  (I guess maybe St. Louis got a few flurries while we were in Mexico, but nothing that stuck around).  It's almost sixty degrees today and sunny.  I walked the dogs yesterday without a coat.  Global warming has made me want to hyperventilate since I was in fourth grade, but I have to say that I am not complaining about these temperatures.  I do better with sunshine and without biting winds in general, but since freezing temperatures and snowfall are now associated with the greatest trauma of my life, I really like this pseudo-spring.  It's almost like being in Puerto Vallarta.

Almost.  But not quite.  Let me show you what it's like in Puerto Vallarta:

a leisurely breakfast at the resort restaurant, which overlooks the pool

my pedicure - Turquoise and Caicos

the view beyond my pedicure

just outside the lobby

at the beach

sunset dinner at the beach club


the sunset

wearing a shirt my mom got me (thanks, Mom!)

David at the marina

missing Eliza

David trying to make friends with a peacock at the resort

dessert and a bottomless glass of pinot grigio
As nice as the trip was, the truth is that skipping the holidays and fleeing to Mexico kind of felt like the lesser of two evils.  The holidays were going to be unbearable--the question was where did we want to be while we were hurting?  Even so, it ended up being a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad we went.  I still missed Eliza and the Christmas that should have been.  I was a little homesick even while we were lounging poolside.  But I'm confident that it was the right decision for us this year.  We needed to pause and give ourselves a chance to rest, relax, and reset.  Work was stressful for both of us this fall, not to mention life in general, and as I lay on the pool chair that first day, I could actually feel the tension start to evaporate from my shoulders.  If vacations were medically and mentally mandated, this one would have been.  It was the perfect getaway.  Now if we could only fast-forward through the rest of winter all together...


  1. *drool* I am turning green with envy here. Or at least a shade of Turquoise & Caicos. ; ) Great photos, thanks for sharing! So glad you had a nice vacation!

  2. What a beautiful place! And you look beautiful too. I'm glad it was restful (and warm!).

  3. Mmmm - looks like my cup of tea. Glad you had a nice time, while missing your daughter.

  4. This is how we chose to escape Hope's first birthday - somewhere warm and tropical. I think you did the right thing.
    Lovely photos of a lovely couple.

  5. You two are adorable. And I love that Turquoise and Caicos pedicure you have there. :)

  6. That looks Fabulous! All of it. The thing about photos is that rarely are they taken of us sad. Our broken selves are never documented except in our memories. These pictures are deceptive. I know you two are broken, I know you hurt and miss. Yet your smiles remind me that you too continue in this life. We have hope, we have love, we have a just isn't what we hoped or expected. The trip to Mexico looks wonderful but it is so secondary. I wish Eliza was here with you. I am glad you have the sunshine now. I am also freaked out about global warming.

  7. Love the photos.. and I'm smiling. xo