Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks, Chicago

Chicago treated us well.  We kept ourselves busy and even managed to enjoy ourselves a little bit.  We forgot the camera, so I now present my (slightly blurry) cell phone snapshots.

Proof that we were there.

This is why they call it the "windy city" - that's a rogue umbrella floating several stories up.

Oh, Eliza.  Always in my heart and on my mind.  Even when I'm just browsing in Crate and Barrel.

The Bean in Millennium Park, where we rested after we got weary of the Black Friday crowds on Michigan Avenue.

Models doing a photo shoot in Millennium Park.  I found this very exciting.

A happy snap.  Our third try.  The first one was a close-up of David's chin, the second one I was snarling.  This was the best we could do.  See how nice and sunny it is?  I don't know what people are talking about when they complain about winter in Chicago.  It was gorgeous all weekend.

The Husband.  What a dreamboat.  His lapel pin says "Teach" and a random dude at our hotel recognized it as coming with a set of Penzey's spices and then we talked about how much we love Penzey's as we rode the elevator with him.

Chicago skyline.  It's, like, a real big city.  Which I already knew from my favorite movie circa 1990:  Adventures in Babysitting.

Darling friend from the blogosphere, Brandy Wilson.  Met up for lunch and found her just as adorable in person as she is online.  Also?  She has perfect skin and shiny hair.  Unfortunately, this picture makes it look like I am wearing shoulder pads or like I am the hunchback of Notre Dame, but I swear it's just a weird angle.
Other highlights of the trip included our swanky hotel room (thanks, Priceline!), seeing a musical comedy at a theatre on Navy Pier, and going to IKEA on the way home.  And, because it's a small, small world, we grabbed a bit to eat at Harry Caray's restaurant on Navy Pier after the show and ran into one of David's former students who was there with his family.  He was thrilled to see "Coach Duck!" and joined us at our table for a few minutes, then continued to wave at us across the restaurant.  It kind of felt like I was married to a celebrity.

So, yeah.  It wasn't the Thanksgiving weekend it should have been, but it could have been worse, you know?

Hope you all found things to be thankful for this year.


  1. Glad you had a good holiday away! : )

  2. Well if I didn't have reason to like you before, I certainly do now since you like{d} Adventures in Babysitting!

  3. Cutest.ever. :)

    BTW, I too LOVE Adventures in Babysitting.. Remember the kitten/rat? :)

  4. aww i love that pic of you and Brandy. you know i saw it on her blog this morning, but it just didn't connect. lol. i'm so slow. so glad you guys enjoyed your trip.

  5. Wow, it looks like you guys had such a good time in Chicago! I have never been, and would love to one day... I laughed out loud at LauraJane's comment about the kitten/rat part of Adventures in Babysitting! Ah, what a movie. I think that was my first real movie that I thought was sooo cool because I was just coming of age when that movie came out. I though Keith Coogan was dreamy. Ugh. lol
    I remember driving through Toronto when I was a kid and we drove past the Silver Dollar bar where they sang the "Babysitting Blues" and I totally went bananas! It was my first brush with celebrity, even though it was just a bar! lol
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  6. That's awesome you girls got to hook up. xo