Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Is Where My Dogs Are

My dogs stayed with my parents for a week so that we wouldn't have to kennel them when we went to Chicago.

For a week, my sofa was free of dog hair.  The mailman's arrival was not announced with unmitigated ferocity of barking.  Nobody burrowed under a blanket next to me only to fart (I've broken David of that habit, but haven't been as successful with Cooper).  There was no Little Mac howling to be let out in the middle of the night.  I didn't have to smell dog food with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on it (gag-o-rama).  No click-click-click of doggy toenails scratching our hardwood floors.  No growling when I open the closet door (near Mac's bed) in the morning.  No forty-pound dog stealing the covers at night.  No whining for treats.  No guilt-inducing puppy dog eyes when I don't want to go for a walk on dark, chilly evenings.

But also, for a whole week, there was nobody dancing with excitement when I walked in the front door.  No one trailed me around the house just so he could snuggle up next to me the instant I sat down.  No one wiggled with delight when I opened a cabinet door, hoping desperately I'd produce a treat for him.  No one fought the laptop for the real estate of my thighs.  No one was there to keep me company when David worked late.

I forget what good company they are, these obnoxious dogs.  I take for granted the way they abide with me, no matter how cranky I am, or how sad I'm feeling, or what I look like.  I get irritated with the barking, and tired of the dog hair, and annoyed by their (relatively simple) demands.  And then I live without them for a week and I just get lonesome for them.

So today, I'm so glad to have the dogs back where they belong.  You know, shedding on my furniture and farting under the covers.


  1. and i'm sure they are so glad to be back home with you guys :)

  2. That last picture is so cute!

    I LOLed at the "farting under the covers" bit. Dogs are disgusting aren't they? Mine used to fart in his sleep and wake himself up then look around like "Who did that?"

  3. I am the same way with my dogs. I miss them even after only a day or day two without them.

  4. We just lost our dog, Nikki, a few weeks ago. I thought I was mentally prepared for her not being here (we put her to sleep after her bone cancer made it too painful for her to walk) but I wasn't. After 12 years its much more than habit...and though we have another dog i think it makes it even more strange because I am used to seeing 2 dogs greet me when I get home, not 1. I have been talking about looking forward to "dog free" years...the vet bills, not being able to put them outside without them barking, damaging the house, the kids and husbands allergies/asthma BUT right now I can't imagine not having a dog in the house.

  5. I'm sure they are awfully glad to have you home, too!