Saturday, October 8, 2011

Laundry Day

Little Mac is eleven and half years old, nearly blind, and obsessed with the idea that the world is out to get her.  As a result, she is careful to avoid putting herself in vulnerable positions.  For example, we have never rubbed her belly and she growls if anyone comes near her bed when she is resting/snoozing/plotting to kill us all.  Therefore, we could hardly believe that she took a leap of faith up into a basket full of dirty clothes.

Where iz I? Wut did I do?

I luv the dirties.  I risk all for the dirties.  Plz do not approach me.
Perhaps Cooper bribed her to dig him out a pair of panties?  I tell you, these two are a formidable team:

Who, me?  Say wut?


  1. The dogs are cute! My Cami is snoring next to me right now as I play on the computer :)

  2. Lol! You have ur hands full w those two!!

  3. Little Mac attack!!!! These dogs make me smile every time you post about them!!!!

  4. I love how the tilt of the head is exactly the same with both dogs in the last photo!

  5. 11 1/2!? That's some good aging little Mac!

    Your captions remind me of those cheesy emails(that I love) that get circulated with random pictures of dogs and cats just doing silly things. . . oh dogs, oh I love thee.