Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Perfect Pair of Pumps

One of my favorite things about The New Adventures of Old Christine is that Christine is impossibly self-centered and shallow, and she needs people to like her in order to feel good about herself, and she blows small things totally out of proportion.  In other words, she's me, only divorced with a kid, and funnier, and somewhat less introspective.

In one episode, her best friend asks her to get a document notarized, which she needs for her immigration hearing, and Christine gets distracted while looking for a notary and ends up completely forgetting about the document because she wanders into a clothing store and has a personal crisis:  She is BETWEEN SIZES!

I know, that's not a crisis.  I know that shopping for clothes pales in comparison to the real problems of life.

But, you guys, I really want a pair of nude-colored patent leather pumps and I cannot find a suitable pair ANYWHERE online.  I mean seriously.  Surely these are not just imaginary shoes, right?  I mean, the Duchess of Cambridge wore them in Canada.  The people must be demanding similar footwear.  So where are they?

I can imagine exactly what they look like.  I feel like I have seen this pair of shoes.  And yet, they elude me and all of my online shopping skillz.  And this is hitting crisis mode!

I need these shoes!  They can be worn with anything!  They are a crucial aspect of my back to school wardrobe!  I am unable to do my job without these shoes!

I have this theory that people should choose careers based in large part on what kind of clothes they want to wear every day.  This is why I have the perfect job.  I get to dress up and wear high heels if I want (or ballet flats, with ankle length pants, and sometimes even jeans on Fridays if they are dark and I wear them with heels or tucked into boots), but I don't have to be on my feet all day if I choose to wear heels, and I can do a lot of my job (the grading and prepping part) at home, wearing my pajamas.  It's a win-win.

But seriously.  I only win if I can get these shoes.

(And can I just say how much I freaking wish this was really the biggest crisis in my life?)

Updated to add:

Oh, I found the perfect shoes.  Just slightly out of my price range.  Where are the perfect knock-offs?

Jimmy Choo Patent Round-Toe Pump
$665 at Bergdorf Goodman


  1. I love a challenge. You've now got a second online shopper on your side, scouring the interwebz for said shoes.

  2. http://katemiddletonstyle.org/steal-kates-style-nude-platform-shoes/

    You're welcome.

    You love me, don't you?

  3. don't forget to check the comments, there's a pair at Aldo, if that's your slice ;)

  4. You are on your own with this one! At half an inch shy of 6 foot I never wear heels, and with feet in size 11 I wouldn't find any cute ones anyways. Plus, I get to wear a uniform to work. No thought to it whatsoever and if it were any other way, I would be late daily! Good luck though!

  5. I just took a quick look at Nine West for your because a friend bought some awesome nude pumps there last season and you're right! They're not there!!

    I know how frustrating these searches can be. I just HAD TO FIND some platinum ballet flats and it took several days of research. But how can that be? I see them on actual people all over the place.

    Good luck!

  6. I dig your theory. I have to wear a uniform and I CANNOT wait to stop working. Maybe I'd have more job satisfaction if I got to pick my clothes! Well, not maybe - that is 100% true because if I picked my clothes I'd be in a entirely different profession.

    Good work LJ . . . and I'm not at all surprised there's a webpage called "katemiddletonstyle"

  7. lol. 1st there's no way you can convince me that you are "self-centered and shallow." but i guess i've seen so much of your heart through your blog that i know that is not the truth.

    2nd, i'm digging the shoes. i can't believe you had a hard time finding them. they look like they would be in just about every shoe store. i wish i could wear pretty pumps like that. but no heels for me since breaking my ankle in 2009. though last yr for a wedding i did by a pair of pretty pumps knowing that i couldn't walk in them just because they matched my amazing dress. and i was right. i wasn't able to walk in them. but i looked amazing standing still. :) and it was extra hilarious b/c dennis had to carry Julius around the whole time because there was NO way i was going to be able to stand still and hold a baby in these shoes. ahhh, what we go through to look amazing.

    i wish i could go back to the days when that was my biggest issue too.

  8. Bahahahahahaha! Love this post! Good luck on the shoe hunt! Hahahahahahaha!

  9. Both Amazon and Zappos have Jessica Simpson pumps that look like a knock off of those Jimmy Choos. Yes, Jessica Simpson. There is a reason she makes a billion dollars a year. That you or giving me a break from researching jobs.


  10. http://www.shoemall.com/p/steve-madden-womens-russhh-pump/?utm_source=GoogleProductSearch&utm_medium=CSE&utm_campaign=CSE&CAWELAID=749005230

    try these too :) little taller though

  11. Hi Brooke. I've found you through Glow and would like to add you to my blog list if that's OK?
    I've also been trawling the net tonight looking for nude pumps for a wedding coming up. Found these, they're similar to what you're looking for: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220789764055&var=520038288584&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
    I'm going to check the links everyone else has left you as well.
    Good luck with your search.

  12. There is another blog "what kate wore" that gives cheaper versions of her style choices. http://whatkatewore.com/

    Here is another blog that helps to find cheaper version of trendy styles: http://www.jseverydayfashion.com/

    Love the shoes but don't need them in my everyday life. Sad.