Friday, July 22, 2011

Rafting the Raging Falls of Danger Chaos Fang Death

That was what our guide called some of the rapids that we hit while rafting yesterday.  Or something close to that, anyway.

Having decided that we are up for all kinds of outdoor adventure, we followed up our EXTREME HIKING ADVENTURE with EXTREME WHITE WATER RAFTING on the Green River. 

OK, I don't know if it was really "extreme," but the river was up, so we hit class 2 and class 3 rapids.  I'd been rafting once before in Colorado, and my brother went at some point with his boy scout troop, but it was the first time for my parents and Dah-Veed.  Oh, and since you raft in groups of 6, we were also in a boat with the father of our guide, who was from New Zealand and hilarious (that's a vague modifier but in this case deliberately so as it applies to both our guide and his dad).

The water was FREEZING cold--like take your breath away cold--even with our Super Sexy Neoprene Wetsuits on.  But the rapids were fun.  There was also a guy who kayaked along with our group (I think his job is partly to catch anyone who gets washed away) and it was amazing to watch him.  The scenery was gorgeous and the rafting was really so much fun.  I couldn't believe how fast an hour went by--it felt like we were on the river for no time at all.  Except that my feet were SO cold.

All the friendly Canadians keep telling us that they're still hoping summer will arrive here soon.  Although I'm not sorry to be missing out on the super hot temps at home, I have to say that I'm used to a hot and sticky July.  The cool air here is lovely, but I was definitely not prepared for it and after rafting I felt like I was chilled to the bone.  I changed back into yoga pants and a sweatshirt but I still didn't warm up until I had a cup of hot tea in front of our condo's fireplace!

For your viewing pleasure:

Moving into some rapids.  I'm also trying to dodge the freezing cold water. My brother is up front in the pink helmet, my dad is in the white helmet.  The blue helmet belongs to the guide's dad.  David is behind my dad and I'm behind David.  My mom can't be seen in this pic, but she's across from me, behind the blue helmet.

Here we all are.  David and Brandon appear to be posing.  Nerds.

The water is cold!

Brandon seems to be lunging out of the boat.  I am getting SOAKED.

Brandon waves his paddle happily in the air while the rest of us actually work.
Next up in our EXTREME OUTDOOR ADVENTURES:  ziplining!


  1. You look SO happy! I have to say, seeing those rapids makes my heart beat fast. You'd think WWR would be no big thing for me since I like all other adventurous things, but it makes my heart beat insanely fast. The first and only time I went rafting, it was class 3 and I fell out of the raft. Yeah, and I'm a terrible swimmer.

    I'm so glad you're having a blast. And your parents do that with you? Oh my. My mom wouldn't do it for a million bucks. Hah.

  2. Great pictures! I have always wanted to go WWR, what a cool experience to do with your parents and brother! Ziplining is also on my "to do" list. Looking forward to that post!

  3. Looks awesome, Brookie! Must have been lots of fun although your Dad looks a bit concerned in the second picture. Peggy

  4. You sound like you are having so much fun. I went wwr the first time 2 years ago and agree that the water was cold. Ziplining is a blast also. Have fun!

  5. Ah, you are my hero! And I love your family (even though I have never met them!)!! That is so cool that your parents did that with you. Love hearing about your adventures in my backyard. Maybe I should give WWR a try! lol Or not.
    have fun ziplining!!

  6. Yay for having fun!! Can't wait to see ziplining pics! You are so much more adventurous than me!

  7. Rafting is so much fun, so glad you guys had a good time! I am super jealous of the ziplining and looking forward to the pics. Take care of yourself friend~