Monday, July 25, 2011

O Canada

Some of my favorite moments...
Isn't this romantic?  Smooching on the Lovers Walk.

And then discovering that there was a slug about half an inch from my FACE.

Brandon and a big ass tree in Stanley Park

The famous steam clock in Gastown.
On Granville Island. My brother said, "We took an aquabus to go to a grocery store?"  But my mom and I shopped while the boys went on the brewery tour, and then we all picked out dinner at the market.  I loved it there!

Everybody getting their electronic fix at the townhouse in Vancouver.

Mom reading on our roof top patio.
Walking down to the beach in Vancouver.

The cliff walk.  Glass bottomed ledges make me nervous, so I volunteered to be the photographer.

Shannon Falls.  On the drive from Vancouver to Whistler.

One of my most favorite Canadian landmarks: Lululemon.  I wore that outfit for three days in a row because those were the warmest clothes I had and Whistler was freaking cold!

Crankworks mountain biking competition was going on while we were there. 

Riding the gondola up Whistler mountain.

This is my panic face when the gondola suddenly came to a stop. I don't like just hanging there.

My mom and I considered being an Olympic bobsled team. We decided to stick with zip lining.

This one's for Barrett.  Is Duck big enough to ride the chair lift without adult supervision?  Just barely.

Whistler is beautiful everywhere you look.

Brandon and David display two souvenirs of our microbrewery tour of BC.  They are eating double down sandwiches from KFC.  A double down is a bacon and cheese sandwich made with chicken breasts instead of bread.  Gross me out.

This is my gondola dance.  You're welcome.

My parents and Brandon were in a different gondola.  Apparently not dancing.
Our cabin in Whistler.
We're back home now after ten lovely days in Canada.  Like all of our "fun" times these days, vacation had its bittersweet moments and David and I both really missed Eliza and what should have been our first family vacation with her.  But we did manage to relax, keep busy, and truly enjoy ourselves.  I feel like it was a chance for me to reset a little bit, to get away and slow down and have a real break.  It was good for me.

My final verdict?

I heart Canada.  They've got some good stuff going on up there.


  1. What a fabulous trip! It is so beautiful there. I've always wanted to go to Canada. The picture of you ziplining through the trees is unbelievable! Glad you got to relax and get away for a while!

  2. Glad it was a good trip . . . thanks for sharing - egh (said in the Canadian accent sort of way, not the disgusted sort of way)

  3. I heart Canada too and I've never been there. Your pictures are fantastic.

    Welcome back to Misery..;) At least you missed the hottest part of the heat warnings.

  4. Yes! Canada loves you back (I'm blushing here, on behalf of "my home and native land...". Caroline's confused, it's "eh". not Egh. hahaha

    That photo of you + your man is super cute. :)

    PS. All I wear on the weekends/after work is lulu lemon, it's just how we roll. :)

  5. LJ is a little snooty. Lululemon all the time, everyday. Psh. If only I owned 10 pair of those $100+ sexy workout shorts.

    This trip is like a dream to me. Well, I've done BC as well... so I guess I know. But you guys really rocked that vacation! I had no idea your whole family was going. That is super wonderful. I sure miss the mountains. Those pictures make me swoon.

    And the double down? What? Like 3 days worth of calories? Ick on a plate. Not to mention the whole dead animal thing. Barf.

  6. So glad your trip was a nice get away from everyday life. Sorry about the cow tho. LMAO. And LMAO at LJ correcting us on the Canadian speak. BTW, YES she talks like one in real life too. ha!

  7. i can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you happy, if only for just a moment.

  8. I just looked for the "like" button on all of these photos. (Too much time on facebook. Sorry.)

    But seriously, these made me so happy. Thank you for letting me travel vicariously with you.

    Next time I really hope we can work out the stopover in the bay area.

  9. I need to thank you for the gondola dance. Nuff said!
    LOL- awesome pics!

  10. Glad you had such a good time. These photos remind me it's been WAY too long since I've been to Vancouver.