Thursday, April 14, 2011

By Popular Demand: The Mattress Update

We will all now pretend that people have been e-mailing me and begging me to not only talk more about my mattress, but also post pictures.  All right, already!  You people are persistent! 

I give you...  the mattress transformation.

Before:  Our old, hand-me-down mattress.  A Simmons Beautyrest that had seen much better days.  Like in the 1970s.

After:  Our new mattress!  A Sealy Posturpedic, plush-top (not pillow top).  Can you see how much higher it goes up on the headboard?  It's so thick!  And white!  And clean!  And new!  Not pictured:  the mattress cover that protects against bedbugs.  You know, just in case.
Cooper approves.  He lounges like a woman in a Renaissance painting.
We really are sleeping better on this mattress.  The physical and mental symptoms of grief had blurred together for me for so long that I had not realized that the ache between my shoulder blades was actually from that ancient, sagging mattress rather than emotional tension alone.  I say this is easily the best purchase we've made since David brought Cooper home from the vet's office.  (Little Mac was a gift.  I think perhaps a white elephant gift.)  Runner up best purchases:  David's Prius, the Kitchen Aid Mixer, the Magic Bullet blender, the Dyson, and my "Mrs. Duckworth" bag--a Dooney and Burke purse that is the perfect size.

Money cannot buy happiness.  This I know for sure (although I could probably know more certainly if I had a little more money with which to experiment.  Would anyone care to fund this project?  E-mail me.).  It can, however, buy you a good night's sleep.  And so I'm trying to appreciate that for what it is.

I've been doing so much thinking about big philosophical things--the randomness of the universe, life after the death, the point of a God who doesn't intervene to save babies, why life has to be so shitty, whether there is some kind of balance in the universe, karma, reincarnation, how small dogs can be so stinky, why people can't merge properly on the highway, how old is too old for leftovers, how students manage to sleep through 1pm classes...  all questions for the ages. 

And I'm freaking sick of it.  I want to think about nice, concrete, material things.  Superficial things.  Things with brand names that I can BUY and OWN and feel all nice and materialistic about.

So if you have made a recent purchase lately that made you happy or lifted your spirits momentarily or made your life easier, I want to know about it.   

One of my favorite recent acquisitions was actually a gift--Bobbi Brown lip gloss in a lovely coral color.  It's the "in" color for spring (according to my most fashionable friend).  It brightens my day (and my face) every time I go teach.  Bonus:  it doesn't make me look like a hooker!

So what have you been doing to stimulate the economy and maybe make yourself a little happier as well?  Do tell.


  1. Hey, look at me commenting on your blog instead of just trolling...I love the mattress and agree it is a great purchase. I have been anxiously purchasing things lately as a way to feel in control as many things are out of my control. BUT, the best purchases have been: 1) my new living room area rug that totally transforms the space 2) my new Haan steam cleaner that can be used on tile, wood and rug and I obsessively use all the time now, especially on the carpet to kill germs 3) my new ipod touch I just got this week for my b-day because I don't have a smart phone and I was feeling left out of the apps revolution. I am already addicted.

  2. Leftovers: give them a sniff, if they smell alright, it's probably fine.

    And I don't mind the class-sleepers when they're regular students who are otherwise engaged in class. It was me once!

    I always buy good coffee. It costs just a bit more, but it saves me $5 trips to Starbucks and it makes my morning seem special! And my used minivan makes my life so much easier I feel thankful for it every day.

  3. My camera, a Nikon D3100 which cost roughly $800 at Best Buy with the memory card. Why? It is literally the first thing I've spent more than $20 on for MYSELF since my oldest son was born, and taking pictures of just about anything makes me happy.

  4. Oh that Cooper's a sexy beast lying seductively on the bed like that. hahaha I was laughing so hard at the beginning of the post. Fantastic writing. :)

    I've been buying pillow covers in my favourite fabrics, including pillows which match my breast feeding pillow, despite the status of my ute being decidedly EMPTY. Go ahed and laugh, I deserve it. :)

  5. wishing you good sleep and good times (wacka-wacka!) on your new acquisition! i'm all for retail therapy. oops, gotta run, the zappos box just arrived. literally.

  6. Cute picture of the doggie!

    I've been selling and internet surfing/shopping. I have someone coming by today to look at our table set that was in our kitchen. I made a deal with the hubs that if I sold the set that we have then we could buy a new set. I found one last night at Haverty' once it is sold I'll really be serious about buying one. I've been feeling like changing things up a bit as it is cathartic and makes me feel good. After this project we may start painting a few of our rooms on the second floor of the house.

  7. A new Schwinn bike (7 speed)-very cute-bright red & white w/ red rimmed wheels & the vintage old lady style w/ fenders and big seat-my b'day gift-40 birthdays ago I go my first 10 speed Schwinn & I think I'm just as excited now as then!

  8. Oddly enough we bought - a mattress. We bought a Tempurpedic and I'm not in love. The salesperson said to give it a few more weeks. We have 60 days to exchange it so I'm going to give it a bit more time.

    Cooper IS sexy lying on that bed. As long as Cooper loves it too, then it is a keeper.

    Oh, and my motto for left-overs: when it doubt, throw it out...but I've had food poisoning twice so I err on the side of caution.

  9. Well, I spent a small fortune getting my hair did, I went to Old Navy and bought a pair of jeans that don't give me muffin top (I call them my "mom" jeans, but hey, I guess there is a reason moms wear those friggin' things), I bought new makeup (Bareminerals. I always wanted to try it, so now I am and I like it), and I bought some wax strips to do some much needed landscaping. And as silly as it seems, all of these little things make me feel better. Catching your reflection in a mirror or window and not recoiling in horror is surprisingly uplifting. Oh, and I bought a super overpriced black sweater from Lululemon that I love too. I felt like I deserved it after all I have been through, even though there are about a billion more reasonably priced knockoffs in every store you pass. But, I laid down the money dollars for the Lulu almost for spite!! And damn, did it feel good!

  10. My treadmill. Oh my gawd, should my husband ever make me choose between him and the treadmill, I'd have to think it over. We live in the middle of nowhere, so gyms and jogging trails are few and far between, but it makes it all better.

  11. And this is why I love reading everything you write. You're just too damn funny.

    The husband tells me 7 days is the cutoff on those leftovers. Food poisoning is gnarly and I always feel like my insides might come through my mouth (or worse, ass), when it happens. Just say no to the questionable spaghetti and meatballs.

    A new scent? I love a whimsical fragrance that is probably only for 15yo girls called Pink Sugar. I walked into Nordstrom one day and was hit by the smell of cotton candy. That baby was mine in 5 minutes, flat. I just bought the roller-ball to add to my collection. When in use, the husband comes-a-runnin'. I also like adult perfumes and my favorite is the Emporio Armani in the gold bottle.

  12. Get some good zzzz's mamma.. .nothing big bought here.. except a few pretty pennies hitting our medical deductible for 2011 by the time Feb. 28th rolled around.. that was def. a first!!!

  13. I just bought yoga pants, sports bra, and a nerdy sun clip for my glasses. How's that for exciting? I'm jealous of that mattress!

  14. Today I bought two dresses, a headband, a hair clip, costume jewelry and an amazing clutch!!! Ya it was a rough day... Make that a rough 6 weeks. But the sales were too good to pass up.
    Love and patience to you!

  15. Hey Brooke! My latest best buy is a hair dryer with a retractable cord. Who knew such a thing existed until I visited Beth and she had one. This makes a big difference because my bathroom counter now stays uncluttered as it is easy to put the hair dryer away! I know I am behind the curve here - you and others already have this I am sure. Pam

  16. I haven't bought anything fun for myself, but I can tell you who bought something that has given him eternal happiness...that would be Dennis and his purchase of the MLB ticket. So now "we" (as he said it) have access to every single game played every single day. Now how awesome is that?? :(