Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Cream Day

Today was my Grandpa V's birthday.  Every year, everybody in our family honors his memory by going out for ice cream with someone they love.  It's a pretty great way to celebrate a life well lived, if you ask me.

My grandpa really liked to take people out for ice cream.  The family joke is that he always wanted to take his kids and grandkids out for ice cream one at a time, supposedly to enjoy individual time with each of them, but also because he got to have ice cream way more often that way!  The man knew the value of a win-win situation.  And he loved him some banana splits.

So tonight after dinner, David and I drove up to Dairy Queen in memory of Gpa V.  I had a Butterfinger blizzard and David had a double fudge cookie dough blizzard (David's sweet tooth could match Grandpa V's for sure).  We talked about visits we'd made to see Gpa V after he moved back to Iowa and I told David about some of my favorite visits to see my grandparents in Arizona.  Grandpa would let Brandon and me drive around the retirement community in the golf cart and our vacations were always full of swimming pools and matinee movies and board games and trips to the zoo and lunch at the clubhouse.

And plenty of ice cream, of course.

Just chilling.  Looks like I could have cut back on the ice cream a bit, huh?
 Grandpa looks quite dapper.  I look like I'm wearing a Pollyanna costume, but really I just liked that dress.

Dancing at my wedding.
Happy Birthday, Grandpa V.  Thank you for giving us such sweet memories.


  1. Aww what a great grandpa. And I love the ice cream tradition!

  2. Sounds like he was a really good guy! I love the ice cream tradition too!

  3. Brooke, This being my birthday month....and having my girls all over the country...I have vowed to start this tradition for myself. Hope thats okay. It just makes me happy to think about it. Thanks for allowing me to start a new tradition. And thanks Grandpa V !!

  4. What a great tradition. He sounds like a great man.

  5. Awww, that's a wonderful tradition, & a wonderful way to remember your Grandpa.

    For awhile, every year on Katie's day, we'd go to DQ, because my we went there a lot when my mom came to stay with us -- partly because my mom loves ice cream ; ) but also just to get me out of the house. But on top of the Chinese food (another tradition) it was a bit much ; ) so we haven't done it in awhile.