Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Snow White, her disgruntled dwarf, and her alien friends (1986).  Brandon was totally uncooperative that Halloween, which seriously cramped my style.  Hello!  Snow White needs her entourage, Dwarf Boy!  And pull your beard up where it belongs!  And quit bitching about having to wear a pair of girls' tights!  Poor Brandon.  Look how his little expression is like a plea for help.  I remember that I thought smiling without showing my teeth would make me look more "princessy."  I also remember thinking that my alien friends' silver make up was sooo cool, although Natalie (far left) recalls that she was mortified to be wearing a trash bag next to my glamorous princess outfit.  Clearly the princessy smile worked.

And Happy Halloween from some kind of clown/hobo team?  The funniest thing about this picture to me is that David's aunt Lana is obviously dressed up, while David essentially could have worn that outfit any day of the week.  He just has painted-on freckles over his real freckles.  They also might have gone trick-or-treating, or might have performed some kind of street entertainment with a couple of dancing dogs.  Costumes could go either way.

I hope that your Halloween brings you lots of treats (and maybe just a couple of funny tricks involving a very realistic looking rubber spider or possibly fake vomit)!

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