Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Girls and Pretty Dresses

So, honestly, I've been pretty good about controlling myself with the baby clothes purchasing.

It helps that Grandma (my mom) seems to feel that it is in fact her responsibility to cloth this child from now until at least 24 months, so the wardrobe is filling out nicely without much effort on my part.

I did purchase a few summery things that were being clearanced out at Macy's a few weeks ago (and by "clearanced," I mean "clearanced"--these outfits rang up at $2.79 each!).  And the day after we found it was a girl, I totally snatched up this Madonna "Who's That Girl Tour" onesie (because obviously Baby Duck will be a Madonna fan).

But honestly, that's it.  My BFFs are throwing a shower for me in November and my cousins are having for one me over Thanksgiving weekend, so I figure that I'll just wait and see what cute stuff I get there and then let myself buy a few more sleepers with ruffly butts.

There was just one small exception to this plan when David and I hit Babies-R-Us on Saturday.  We were crib shopping.  Our criteria:  white, not huge, not super expensive.  The sales guy there told us that if we registered we'd get a coupon for 10% a couple of weeks before our due date.  And then he said that if we bought something before we left that day, we'd get a 20% off coupon for one item that we could use in a few weeks. 

These were magic words for David, who is coupon crazy.  So he insisted we had to find something we needed to purchase and we had to make two separate purchases so that we would each get a coupon.

But what to buy!?

The store was overwhelming and it was almost lunch time so instead of getting practical things, we headed for the clothing clearance rack. 

And we each picked out a dress for Baby Duck.

Can you guess which of us chose which dress?

Dress A
Dress B


  1. I laughed out loud. You two are so funny!! She's going to be adorable.

  2. All Day I Dream About Spit-up....David.

  3. There must not have been any Cardinal apparel so David had to settle on Adidas!

  4. Before I saw the pics I was thinking something cardinals. I vote dress A. It is so much fun to shop for girls!