Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big Reveal: Daisy or Donald?

We had a little "gender party" for Baby Duck over the weekend.

[Side Note:  I do realize that the baby's sex is something he or she is born with, while gender is a socially prescribed set of parameters which an individual may or may not identify with, no matter what their biology.  However, we called this "Baby Duck's Gender Party" because there was something weird about inviting friends over for "Baby Duck's Sex Party."]

After our ultrasound, we left the doctor's office clutching our sealed envelope of photos and we asked the ladies at the reception desk to help us out.  I had called and arranged to order a "gender surprise cake" from a local bakery.  The cake would be white with neutral buttercream frosting on the outside, and the bakery would layer the inside of the cake with tinted frosting, either pink or blue.  The only catch was that the bakery owner was not there on Friday, so she wanted me to give her a call by 5:30pm on Thursday.  Since we didn't want to open the envelope until dinner, we asked the receptionist to call the bakery for us and tell them pink or blue and they were happy to do that for us.

We got home around 3pm and I tried to talk David into forgetting about waiting until dinner and opening our envelope right away.  He refused.

Finally, we went to dinner.  We ordered, waited impatiently for our waters, and as soon as the server set them down and stepped away, I busted out the envelope.

David had said from the moment that I was pregnant that he wanted to find out ahead of time what we were having.  And I had to agree.  I'm not one who loves surprises--I would much rather look forward to an event than I would be caught off guard by a surprise party.  Really I think the only good surprises are flowers, presents, and cash, which is not very fun of me, I realize.  But I can't help it.  I enjoy the anticipation and I like to be prepared.

So anyway.  We were seated at a nice table right near the water.  The outdoor section of the restaurant wasn't crowded because it looked like a storm was coming up.  So we scooted our chairs together, enjoyed the cool breeze coming over the water, and ripped open the envelope. 

It's hard to describe exactly how I felt when we saw the ultrasound pictures.  I was already so happy and excited just because we got to see the baby on the ultrasound that finding out the gender just felt like an extra bonus rather than the highlight of the day.  Still, it made the baby feel so real and it was exciting to be able to imagine the future in a little more detail.

Baby Duck's photo shoot!

My parents were coming up on Friday, and my mom told me that they expected some news when they arrived--they were not going to wait for the gender party Saturday night!  So Friday I had to go shopping to buy a gendered outfit (such a chore!) so that I could wrap it up and have my parents open it when they arrived.  This was good planning because it allowed my mom and me to shop with a purpose when we hit some consignment stores on Saturday.

And finally it was time for the Daisy or Donald party.  I had just invited a few of my girlfriends from college who live in town or happened to be in town for the weekend, and my parents of course.  I asked everyone to wear pink or blue depending on their guesses (some people wore one color but changed their bets at the last minute).  I took everyone's bets and the party guests were split 50/50 pink and blue.  (Losers have diaper duty!)

Then we all gathered 'round the cake.

 And then David and I cut it.  It was sort of a flashback to our wedding day, which was funny.

And as soon as the knife came up with frosting on it, all of the people who had guessed correctly (and everyone who had guessed incorrectly) let out a big cheer!

In case you're not sure about the accuracy of color on your monitor, that frosting is PINK!

 She's a Daisy!

Baby Duck is Baby Girl Duck!

(As I've said from the very beginning.  It's nice to be right.)

When we opened the envelope out at dinner on Thursday, I gasped and then I shouted, "Look!  Look!  I knew it!  She's a girl!"  And David laughed and said, "Well, I work with women, and now I live with women!"

Girl power all the way at the Duckworth house!

It was so much fun to celebrate with our friends and to see how happy they were for us as we start to realize that we are seriously halfway there on this parenting adventure thing.  It was also nice to celebrate with one of the cutest little girls I know, who will be Baby Duck's very first girl friend!

Lilly gives my mom a trial run on the g-ma thing.
In fact, there were so many babies-on-the-way at the party that it was obvious Baby Duck has a whole crew of instant friends:
Go Team Pink!  That's FOUR baby bumps and Lilly's mom.  And Steph (far left) is expecting twins!

And David and I are both so freaking happy.  It's ridiculous and gaggy how excited we are.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have a healthy baby on the way who will come into the world already surrounded by people to love and people who love her.

And she will also already have an adorable wardrobe, so she's got that going for her, too.

Tiny baby booties crocheted by Baby Duck's great-great-great-grandmother.

She's a lucky Duck.

* I wanted to add that I have had several people mention to me via e-mail or in person that they are reading this blog, so I wanted to let you know that I imagine some day I will have these Baby Duck entries printed and bound to make a baby book for her.  Your comments will be included, so don't be shy!  I love hearing from my fellow-bloggers (wahoo for the PhD Mommies!) and I'd love to hear from you freaks who know me in real life too.  Don't be shy! * 


  1. How much fun!!! I love all of the fanfare you guys built up surrounding the big reveal. I couldn't wait the first time and this time I just knew. He had a name before Ryan even knew I wanted a third.

    Enjoy the anticipation. It is so much fun to know the sex and envision them as a whole little person!

  2. So exciting!

    I LOVE your gender disclaimer! (and really, since we start the gendering the moment the sex is revealed, it's all the same fluid category, IMO. Have you read Thomas Laqueur's Making Sex?)

  3. I am thinking that Baby Daisy Duck will have the world's most awesome shoe wardrobe. Peggy

  4. we always liked the idea of knowing the sex, but of course it was way before they let us have the big reveal before birth! we are sooo happy for all three of you lucky ducks!!! Pam

  5. Crying...tears pouring down my face. I'm so freaking crazy-excited for you both and I hope I'm there the moment she's born. I wish I was there with you during all of it. Hello, Daisy!