Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Duck - A Chip Off the Old Block(s)?

I wonder a lot about Baby Duck.  What she'll look like, what she'll act like, what her little personality will be.  I wonder how many of her traits she'll get from me and how many she'll get from David and how many will seem to be just uniquely hers.

In some ways, David and I are a case of opposites attracting. 

He likes the movies and I like TV.  I take things serious and he takes 'em light.  He goes to bed early and I party all night.

Actually those are Paula Abdul lyrics, but you get the idea.

If you had told me in high school that I, the flannel-wearing, book-loving, drama-club president was going to end up marrying an uber-preppy prom king / baseball team captain, I would have laughed in your face.  (Seriously, I am not proud of this, but one time I dated this guy I wasn't interested in, whom everybody knew was a total pothead just because I wanted seem "edgy."  My parents met him and declared him "nerdy" -- perhaps because of his wire-framed glasses?  I'm pretty sure that "stoned" would have been a more accurate adjective.)  I spent my high school days feeling the angst of My So-Called Life (and practicing the eye rolling to match it).  Meanwhile, David spent his high school days playing baseball and "being nice to everyone" (who does that?).

Even now that we've (mostly) outgrown certain aspects of our high school personas, we still have a lot of differences.  I like things clean but I don't mind clutter.  David can't stand clutter but will put dishes away dirty just to have them out of the sink (seriously I have caught him doing this).  I could devour a novel in one sitting given the time to do so.  David would rather read something non-fiction with a number in the title (7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 10 Things Good Principals Do Differently).  I'm a vegetarian.  He likes a good steak.  I've never played competitive team sports.  He still plays in a men's baseball league.  I like Lady Gaga.  He likes Jamey Johnson.

Still, we obviously have a number of things in common, and so I think that while Baby Duck might end up being more like one of us than the other, she's pretty certain to inherit some of the characteristics that we share.

For your viewing pleasure, I provide an selective and illustrated list of interests that we share:

(1) A love for cookie dough and brownie batter (salmonella be damned!).

David daintily licks a beater.
Ain't nothin' dainty 'bout that appetite!

(2) Spending much of our infancy rocking an old-man hair style -- long on the sides, sparse on the top:

 Kids today and their new-fangled rock music!

 Bob Newhart and I share the same stylist!

(3)  Healthy work-out habits.
Tennis at the club?
Get in shape, girl!  Equipment required:  dumbbells, headband, legwarmers, tennis shoes, leotard.  Optional:  granny-panty underwear bunching up in leotard.
(4) A nice cold beer every now and again.

Note: This blog does not condone underage drinking.  But you see the kind of parenting skillz I have been taught.

(5) Rocking the latest fashions.

The only thing cooler than that Cardinals jacket is the shirt he's got goin' on under it.  Or possibly the hat.  Either way, a killer combination.

Hey there 1985.  You rock.  You and your side ponytail and your rainbow striped lavender bomber-style jacket. Also pictured:  my favorite skirt ever.  Denim & eyelet lace:  a match made in heaven.

(6) As if these striking similarities were not enough, it turns out that David and I also share(d?) a penchant for wearing gender-bending plaid while sporting androgynous haircuts.

Somebody thought David needed a plaid skirt to go with that haircut.  And also a bonnet to cover up most of it.

Meanwhile I am perhaps the most masculine two-year-old girl ever photographed.  
Gender:  it exists on a sliding scale.

I know what you're all thinking:  With parents like these, how could Baby Duck be anything but awesome? 

I can't wait until she has matching photos we can display alongside these.


  1. Those are awesome! How fun!! She'll be a cutiepie, that's for sure.

  2. Wow. I honestly have not cracked up so hard in a long time. I cannot wait for her!!!!!