Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sock Feet

You can really tell when Little Mac needs a hair cut because her paws start to look like she is wearing floppy socks.

Her fur seems to be growing faster than normal, though, because it hasn't even been 8 weeks since her last appointment and I refuse to get her groomed more often than I get myself a trim (partly because her groomers are not all that excited to see her more often than every two months but also because her hair cut costs 3/4 of what my hair cut costs and we are on a budget here, Little Mac!). 

The problem with her hair getting long (other than the shedding on the love seat gets more obvious), is that her stub of a tail gets a little longer and as it is not centrally located on her butt, but rather off to one side, she spots it out of the corner of her eye and takes it for some kind of would-be attacker.  This results in lots of spinning in circles and desperate efforts to attack her own ass, lest it attack her first.

The violent spinning and barking has not yet started yet.  It's usually step 2 after step 1: floppy sock feet.  So we wait for it to commence and then bring about step 3:  Call the groomer.

Hopefully Mac will remain in Floppy Sock Feet until the first of September.

Oh, I'm crazier than I look.

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