Thursday, August 19, 2010

Movin' and Shakin' and Various Other Non-Related Items - NOW UPDATED!

(1) I totally felt Baby Duck move!  I have been waiting and waiting for it and thinking maybe that was it for three weeks now.  At David's ballgame a couple of nights ago, it was unmistakable.  Whether Baby Duck was motivated by the cheering crowd (that would be me, clapping, after I made myself put down the Malcolm Gladwell book and pay attention to the game) or the cool night air (seriously I put on a sweater and draped a beach towel over my legs) or the ginormous mosquito bites (I got a matching pair--one on my cheek and one on my butt cheek although the butt cheek one swelled up to the size of a silver dollar so then they were not matching), Baby Duck started moving and shaking.  I felt a series of fluttery little bubbles kind of on the left side of my tummy.  It was crazy awesome.  I wanted to share it with David, but he was on the mound and somehow I felt like no matter how thrilled he is about Baby Duck, his team would not understand that this warranted a time-out.  So instead I texted Monica who whooped and squealed with me via text.

(2) Two weird things happened to me at Macy's yesterday and each time I was rendered speechless.

a.  A girl came up to me as I was perusing a clearance rack and she said something to me I couldn't quite understand and looked like she was almost crying or had been crying.  So I said, "Excuse me?" and then she repeated it--something about herself and her sister and needing bus fare.  I wasn't sure if she wanted me to give her money or let her use my cell phone or what, so I said, "How do you want me to help you?" and then she said she needed money for bus fare.  So I told her that I didn't have any cash.  Then she suddenly looked like she wasn't crying any more and she said, "Oh, I didn't realize that you were pregnant!"  I just stared at her and kind of sucked in my belly (doesn't do any good anymore), because what do you say to that?  And then she quickly walked away and I said, "Good luck." 

b.  In the bra department, I was looking for my new and enormous bra size and I didn't have much time so I asked the sales clerk for help.  She was a middle-aged woman, very friendly, and I explained that I'm pregnant (although it is evidently obvious on second-glance, but not first) and that I want a couple of bras to get me through before I have to buy maternity bras in case the boobs (oh mercy) get even bigger.  She looked down at me over her glasses and said, "Are you wearing a sports bra?"  I said yes.  She said, "Mm-hmm.  I can tell."

(3)  There is no water at my house.  I cannot shower or brush my teeth.  I pee, but I cannot flush or wash my hands.  This is not really a good situation.   A water pipe busted down the street.  Blew a huge hole in the pipe and my next door neighbor had to move her car at 2am because water was busting out of the street and spraying all over it.  So now the water is shut off and there is a big hole in the ground and a big blue pipe is exposed and there is a big hole in the blue pipe, but there is no crew in neon vests working diligently to fix this problem and I have no idea how long we will be without water.

So I think I am going to throw on some clothes and head to a big Baby Stuff Sale at the St. Charles Convention Center.  They ask that you bring a laundry basket to use as a shopping cart.  Sounds interesting, no?


Point the First:
Of course the day we are without water would be the one day ever that, when I do my neighborly duty of picking up Cooper's doody, it happens to be a particulary mushy doody and as I'm trying to get most of it off the grass, my fingernail breaks through the poo-bag and I get dog doody underneath my fingernail.  Of course that would happen to me.

I managed to handle the issue with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.  But still.  Nasty.

Point the Second:
As I was leaving the house to go to the sale, the work crew backed up the dump truck and got its rear left wheels stuck in the huge hole in the ground.  There was much shouting and then one guy was shouting over everyone, "Shut up!  I'm sick and tired of your bitching!"  I did not stick around to see how that turned out, but the dump truck is now gone and I can flush and wash my hands, so there was some success in spite of all the bitching.  And lack of driving skillz.

Point the Third:
I went and got my faculty ID made at one of the many universities where I am now a part-time faculty member.  The office girl thought I was a student.

Me:  No, I'm a member of the faculty.
Her:  Oh!  Where?
Me:  Here.  (?)
Her:  Oh!  I just thought maybe you were like... a counselor or something somewhere else?

What does that even mean?  And seriously, I do not look like a college student (or counselor?) anymore.  Especially when I am almost FIVE MONTHS pregnant and also I was wearing very adult looking jewelry today.  Nevermind the Haviana flipflops.


  1. Brooke 30 years ago I was "panhandled" in Washington's best department store (at the time. I have told that story a lot as I couldn't believe it - on the street sure but inside a good store, no! Sorry to hear it happened to you all these years later!

    Congrats on feeling Baby Duck move too! It is a special time for you and David.

  2. Once I was talking to some of my students after an extracurricular event and one of them introduced me to her father who asked me "So what's your major?" I said "Actually I'm your daughter's physics lab professor." It was amusing.

    LOVE feeling the baby move! So exciting.