Friday, August 27, 2010

Look Who Slept Over at My House

It is not every weeknight that I invite two strapping young men sleep over.

But last week, these two gentlemen stayed the night at our house.

Cooper wanted to be their sidekick/mascot.

Although it did get a little crowded with three of us in one bed, I have to confess that the trio was actually David, Cooper, and me.  We dropped Rob and Anthony at the Cardinals game and they went out to the bars afterward and we didn't even hear them come in later that night (early the next morning?).

Anyway, part of the reason that Rob and Anthony are so strapping and so tan is because they have embarked on a quest to walk from the west coast to the east coast in an effort to raise money for cancer research.  An idea that sort of began on a whim and then developed into something real now has the full support of their families, their mayor, their entire hometown of Montclair, New Jersey, and increasing press coverage.

They began June 1 in San Diego and after a few weeks of straggling across the southwestern desert with heavy backpacks and blistered feet, they were ready to give up.  Their dads flew out for a little moral support and they decided since the backpacks were weighing them down so much (literally and figuratively) they needed some sort of alternative.

Like this one:

So now they push jogging strollers full of their supplies (extra clothes, toiletries, energy bars, Gatorade, and a little laptop computer for blogging).

They were getting stopped by the police everyday there for a while when the heat index in the Midwest was 110 or higher and people saw them pushing baby strollers down the highway out in the heat of the day.

They have worn through four pairs of shoes each, traipsing halfway across the country.  In Kansas, they slept in a tent and spent one night in an abandoned house.  In Missouri, the city of Nevada just happened to be one of their stops.  They got a warm welcome and met the Ellis family, so when it was discovered that their trek would take them through St. Louis, I got a phone call to see if I could put them up for the night.

They were walking from Wildwood, MO the morning they arrived and they got to my house around 3pm.  Cooper and I walked up the street to meet them (I was hoping this would cut down on his obnoxious barking).  Coop was definitely not sure what to make of two strange men pushing baby strollers and proceeded to bark at them while we walked down the street, while they put their strollers in the garage, and while they carried their stuff to the guest room.

Once they had showered and settled in, though, he was more than happy to cozy up with them on the couch.  Anthony in particular was his special buddy.

Overall, their stay was rather uneventful.  I took them to Mom's Deli to get sandwiches to take to the ballgame but then David was running late getting off work so we ate the sandwiches at home.  They did get to see Albert Pujols hit a homerun in Busch Stadium (while I was watching David pitch in Cahokia and getting mosquito bites on my butt).  I told them they could call for a ride after the game or take a taxi, but they decided to walk back to our house.  Evidently the walk from the stadium to South City isn't that far when you're used to doing 25-30 miles a day.  Puts everything in slightly different perspective.

The next morning I dropped them at Uncle Bill's for breakfast while I ran errands and then they did some laundry and headed on to cross MLK bridge and walk through Illinois.  We wish them the very best on their journey and best of luck with their fundraising.

If you'd like to learn more about their adventures, you can follow their progress here:

Or on their facebook page.

They have appreciated the press that they've gotten, and they are more than halfway toward their goal of reaching home by October 3, but they still have a ways to go toward their goal of raising $100,000 to benefit cancer research.

Visit their website and consider making a contribution to two cute boys walking for a worthy cause!


  1. So, I only mention this because you have a Ph.D. in English: "They began June 1 in San Diego and after a few weeks of straggling across the southwestern dessert with heavy backpacks and blistered feet, they were ready to give up." :-P

    But on another note, this sounds really cool. I can't imagine walking from Busch Stadium to your house, let alone across the country. Walking from Busch Stadium to our place in Soulard (~ 2 mi) seemed ridiculously far to me on a hot day!

  2. Ah, Andy. If only PhDs made us typo-proof. Now THAT would be a degree worth studying for...

  3. Hi Brooke-- I saw your comment on Harry Times, and I am currently OBSESSED with the safety of my skin care products. I am a huge fan of the entire California Baby line for my kids, and I use it, too. I also like Alaffia face and body moisturizer and some Burts Bees stuff..

    Love your blog and am happy to have found another PhD mom (to be).