Wednesday, August 11, 2010


No, not the MTV show.  By now you should assume that I will not be wittily and ironically commenting on any kind of pop culture reference and instead I will be merely obsessing over things that most of the world gives not a sh*t about.  Like:  a crib for the bebe!

So when we first got pregnant, I was all, "Look.  I want to buy this Super Freaking Expensive Stroller so that Baby Duck and I can walk the neighborhood everyday with the Coopster.  Therefore, we will save money by purchasing used baby furniture for cheap.  This will help me justify a ridiculously expensive stroller."

Then I bought a book about Baby Bargains and read a few things online that were all along the lines of:

"Whatever you do, for the love of Sweet Jesus, do not even think about putting your child in a used crib unless you want your child to die."

And, obviously, some of the advice makes good sense.  Safety standards for baby furniture are always changing and cribs that are more than 10 years old probably aren't as safe as cribs today.  Cribs with drop-down sides were all the rage for a while, but now they are UNSAFE.  Older cribs may have slots between the bars that are too wide or space between the mattress and the crib or whatever.

Still, I like to think that there is a place in all of this madness for some common sense.  I mean, I'm not going to go dumpster diving for a baby crib (although for the dresser, maybe).  But I do think that if it's a solid crib, no wiggly parts, less than three years old, and the people who are selling it have a healthy baby, then probably we could go ahead and buy it used and Baby Duck would be none the worse for wear.

Of course, if GOD FORBID, something happened, I am sure that I would forever blame myself for cutting corners on a used crib.  (Although my mother recently told me that I pushed out the panel on one end of my crib and fell out of it as a baby, so clearly babies can survive some pretty sketchy safety standards).

And seriously.  Furniture is not exactly disposable, people!  Where are all of these cribs going after they get slept in for 1-3 years (and then maybe reused by a younger brother or sister)?  You think people are upcycling them into playhouses or chicken coops?  I don't think so.  Frankly, it seems eco-friendly to buy a used crib, as long as you can be sure it hasn't been recalled and it is in good condition.

Anyway, I thought I had struck gold when I found an entire Pottery Barn nursery set on Craiglist for $450.  A crib, changing table, rocker, and end table.  I was drooling over it.  Desperate for it.  It was white, it was lovely, it was exactly what I wanted, and I was reasonably sure it was not going to kill my baby even if it had been slept in by someone else's baby first.

I e-mailed them yesterday and waited eagerly for the reply.  I must have checked my cell phone every 10 minutes to see if they had gotten back with me.

This morning I got an e-mail telling me it had been sold on Sunday.

Why, universe?  Why?  I feel totally ripped off.  Like someone stole my nursery set out from under me.

So, back to the drawing board.  Used crib?  Inexpensive Ikea crib?  Expensive heirloom-style crib?  Convertible crib that will become double bed in its next life?

Do I buy a crib and then find a matching dresser later?  (White shouldn't be too hard to match, right?)  Or do I hold out and try to find another set like the one that some jackass stole out from under me?  (Really, I'm not sure how long it will take me to get over this loss.)


  1. Meg's using a crib a former coworker's mom found in her attic when she moved into her house. It has a drop side, but I didn't even look to see if it's recalled because I don't want to worry about it. I figure if it starts to look wobbly, I'll probably just screw it back together. However, if we hadn't stumbled across a free crib or if this one does start to scare me, I'd totally buy a cheap one from Ikea. They're super cute and since they're smaller, seem more practical for the short time it will realistically be used!

  2. Our crib is on its sixth child! The first kid who used it is now SIXTEEN! And it's the drop side of doom, too.

    I also take it personally when someone steals something out from under me on Craigslist. That was a GREAT deal. I like to check four or five times a day so I know what the new listings are and then I can pounce on it right away.