Monday, August 23, 2010

The Belly (Button)

Here is something weird.

I am 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  And my belly button is now like a giant hole.

I have always had an "innie" button.  But it was relatively shallow.  Sort of filled with...  I dunno... twisty belly button inside skin?

This is getting gross.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it was never like a deep belly button because there just wasn't that much space between my belly and the inside of the button, you know? 

I'm still not sure that makes sense.  Sigh.  I simply want to emphasize that it was a perfectly normal innie-button that would not attract second-glances were it exposed in a bikini.

And now? 

Now it is like a cavernous hole in the center of my abdomen.  It kind of freaks me out.  The twisty skin has been stretched.  It's kind of like a dixie cup in the middle of my belly.  OK, maybe more of a thimble.  But still.  Compared to the old button, it's enormous!

The upside is that I don't think my belly button will ever "pop" and create that weird preggo belly-button outie they always show at the start of A Baby Story on TLC because there is NOTHING LEFT INSIDE TO POP OUT.  It is a deep hollow cavern.

In fact, far from popping out, it is much more likely that things could get lost inside it.  Like car keys, sandwiches, and small dogs.

In addition to my enormous hole of a button, this picture also features the Korean flag and the little hole that was my pierced belly-button once upon a time (so it turns out that my seventeen-year-old-self did not always make the best decisions when on spring break--who would have guessed?). 

Disclaimer:  I took this photo myself and the angle does not appear to be a very realistic representation of the size or shape of the Belly.  I have had requests for belly pics (seriously!  I am not just pretending the internets wants to see the belly!) so I'll try to post some this week.

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