Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teen Romance

David and I have another anniversary coming up (I know, right?  Didn't we just have one of those?  Where is the time going?  Do keep in mind that I see each anniversary as a reminder that I was essentially an infant bride.  Because otherwise those people celebrating six years of wedded bliss or at least weddedness?  Those people are old.).

I used to be huge on anniversaries.  And by "used to be" I mean, when I was in high school.  With my first "serious" boyfriend.  We had our first (date?  hang out?  conversation about being exclusive that I hope we did not actually call "going steady" but I cannot be sure?) on a Thursday.  And we freaking celebrated it.  Every "Happy Thursday" after.  Seriously.  It was gag-o-riffic.  I'm sure my friends all hated it.  Matt would show up at my locker with a big cookie from Hardees as part of the tradition.  We would hold hands and say "Happy Thursday" to each other all day long in our baggy t-shirts and flannel shirts (because Kurt Cobain might have died in 1994, but we were determined to help grunge fashion live on into the late '90s).  We would continue the celebration by making French fries (the crinkly ones) in a fry-daddy at Matt's house or popping a Tombstone pizza in the oven.  It was the little things that counted, right? 

And, lest Happy Thursday not be obnoxious enough, the 14th of the month was the actual date, so the fourteenth of every month was another anniversary and we also celebrated that.  Sometimes with cards and small gifts.  Perhaps a dinner out at the local Chinese place, where Matt would sweet talk the owner into making him French fries because he wouldn't eat Chinese food. 

If the fourteenth should also be a Thursday?  Well, clearly the stars were aligning to affirm our undying love for one another, so we should rent a movie and make out in the basement.  Because when you're in high school, every moment together is a moment to be commemorated with fast food and lip-locking.

So that was then.  Now?  Well let's just say David and I are doing well if we go out to dinner alone once a month, let alone celebrating every freaking Thursday.

We used to celebrate both our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of our first date because that seemed really romantic and it was especially convenient because they are six months apart, so basically we had a reason to go out to a nice dinner in January.  Last year we both managed to forget the first date anniversary entirely and this year we have already decided for the wedding anniversary that we will exchange cards but not gifts.  Lame!  But practical. 

Because obviously I would want him to buy me jewelry (which I don't need) and, really, what do you get a boy for an anniversary gift anyway?  A google search tells me that the traditional gifts for year six are "candy" and "wood."  [please insert your own comment/obscenity here]

We took an amazing trip last year to celebrate five years together, so I wasn't expecting a big hoo-ray for this year's celebration (even though it falls on a Saturday again, so maybe the stars are aligning to tell us that we should rent the 3M clubhouse and invite all our friends and family to get wasted, just like old times).  Still, six years of stayin' married is nothing to sneeze at, so when David asked me what I wanted to do, I imagined what my sixteen-year-old-self would have wanted to do for an anniversary.  Because obviously I had much more experience at that time.

So... we are going to dinner at my new favorite restaurant, Aya Sofia, and then to Eclipse.

I told a friend of mine about our plans and she said, "Oh, I love that restaurant but I've never been to Eclipse."  She meant the trendy roof-top bar atop a trendy boutique hotel in U-City. 

I said, "Oh, no.  Not the bar.  The teen vampire movie."

Happy Anniversary.  We're not teenagers anymore, but I'm looking forward to dinner and a little necking.

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