Monday, July 12, 2010


Why, when I have twenty-five papers to grade by Thursday, can I not bring myself to begin looking at them?  Instead, I spend time imagining how I will divide and conquer them when I begin grading them tomorrow (5 before lunch, 5 after class, 5 in the evening...  leaving just 10 to grade on Wednesday...).  Why am I procrastinating on this?

Why am I so thrilled by a fourteen year old telling me I look like Katy Perry?  Perhaps because she then asked how old I am, was shocked by my response, and said I look 21.  Hi, my new BFF is fourteen and awesome.  Also my bangs do kind of look like Katy Perry's right now, which just goes to show my hair girl is also awesome.  (Here is a link for all of you old fogeys who have no idea who Katy Perry is).

Why do I have to be out of town the weekend that Lady Gaga is here?

Why do I have to teach class when I'm, like, totally over banned books right now?  And why, when I'm teaching class and I've just said something profound and awesome that I want my students to mull over and go home and write about in their journals, does one of my students raise their hands and ask something totally inane to ruin the moment?

Why is it that I often feel like I'm too busy to go work out in the mornings, yet the mornings I do go work out, I feel like I have just as much time to prep for class as the mornings I don't go work out.  It's like a time warp.  How is this possible?

And, finally, here's a question to which I have an answer:

Did the city actually send a letter citing a property maintenance violation?  To the Duckworth residence?  Have you seen our landscaping?  Our perfectly manicured grass?  Our blooming flower garden and neatly trimmed shrubbery?  Have you noticed that we are the only house on the blog that edges their fecking front lawn?  Is this for real

Answer:  Yes, yes it is.  Failure to display 4" address numbers in the rear of the house facing the alley.  Oh, the numbers are there.  They are just currently obscured by the lovely flowering vine that grows over the fence. 

I thought the whole thing was pretty funny--I read the letter in disbelief and bewilderment before reading the attached page that explained the address number thing.  And then I handed the letter to David without the explanatory note and cracked up laughing at the incredulous expression on his face.  So I guess we'll be trimming that vine back tomorrow.  It's so good to see our tax dollars at work.


  1. From your old fogey aunt, thank you for including the link to Katy Perry pictures. :)

  2. At least you didn't get a red flag in your yard, Nevada style!