Monday, May 24, 2010

Look Who Graduated

I got a fancy hood and everything.

For $90, you get to keep the blue tassle.  And the memories.


  1. Congratulations Brooke! Roger says "cool hat". You've been rewarded for all your hard work.

    We enjoy reading about your life. Love to you and again, congrats! Pam

  2. Congratulations!!! I know how good this feels. You've earned it. Enjoy dissertation-freedom!

    (I just read the dog vomit/panties story and laughed so hard my husband came to see what was wrong)

  3. Congrats, Brooke! When you say "you get to keep the blue tassel," does that mean that's all you got to keep? You didn't get the hood provided for you?

  4. @Andy: The hood was definitely part of the rental. The dippy blue tassel is all that's left. I considered hanging it from my review mirror, but somehow that's not as cool as it was in 1998.