Thursday, May 13, 2010


The peony explosion has begun.  A fierce rainstorm the other night battered the bushes a wee mite (not to mention kept me up from 1:45 until 5AM with a freaking out dog who wanted to step on my boobs, sit on my pillow, drool in my armpit, pant in my face, and tremble so hard at the lighting and thunder that the entire bed felt like it was vibrating until finally he crawled under the bed but by that time I was so wide awake there was nothing for me to do except watch DVRed episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" until I passed out at last). 

So this morning I skipped outside and cut off the blooms that were hanging down to the ground.  Two vases full!  And the bushes still have lots of blooms and buds on them.  Love the peony explosion.

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