Monday, May 31, 2010

And Then Our House Melted.

We had the kind of low-key, laid-back Memorial Day weekend that typifies the start of summertime.

We went to a friend's house for a barbecue.  We invited friends over for a barbecue.  We ran errands, we watched movies, we walked dogs.

Oh.  And David almost burned down our house.

Or, rather, melted it.

Saturday night our friends Max and Jamie came over for dinner.  Jamie and I had plans to run to store while the boys got started barbecuing.  The menu was burgers and a "chik'n" patty, but I'd also prepped new potatoes and asparagus to go on the grill.  I popped baked beans in the oven and Jamie and I left.

When we returned, we went outside to find the boys.  And found this:

Neither of them was outside when this happened, so we don't know of flames shot out from the grill or if the heat was so intense it just melted the siding.  Either way, the side of my closet was decidedly droopy.

The good news was that everything was ok--everything but the potatoes, which were charred beyond edibility in the House Melting Incident.  David and Max didn't have to bust out the fire extinguisher or anything like that--they turned off the grill and cleaned all the grease and stuff out of it when it had cooled enough to touch it. Then they continued with dinner preparation--it was late, but still delicious.

And, obviously, our house is still standing.  We even had enough extra siding pieces left from when we built the garage that David was able to pull of the melty pieces and replace them so it looks good as new.  Let's hope that future barbecues are a little more uneventful.

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  1. Note to self: wear flame retardant clothing to Brooke and David's house. :-)